Why does the latest T-Mobile App ( Jan 28th) say the app is not yet ready for your account type ?


    I have been using the "T-Mobile My Account" app (version on my LG Leon phone for 1 month now.

    My plan is "Simply Prepaid (1GB 4G LTE)".

    Last night, during 'update all' from the play store, the "T-Mobile My Account" app was replaced with the "T-Mobile" app (version - released Jan 28th 2016).


    However, when I launch the "T-Mobile" app I get the screen saying:-
    Unfortunately the T-Mobile app is not yet ready for your account type. However, please check the link below to be redirected to the My T-Mobile.com website.


    I also lost the drop down information that told me my account usage. This is very inconvenient and it also requires more data to 'browse' for my usage.


    Luckily, I was able to "uninstall" the updates and resume my previous app.


    Why does the new app not work with my account type ?  Are there plans to fix this ?

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