Stained Galaxy S6!!


    I have a Samsung galaxy s6 that has been in a Kate spade case since the day I got it. I took the case off the other day to give it a quick clean and the case has stained the edges of my white phone blue! NOT impressed, especially considering this is a "name brand" case.


    Anyone know how I can get this off? Also, I have Jump OnDemand and was considering upgrading to a Note 5. Is this discoloration going to affect my ability to trade in this phone?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Stained Galaxy S6!!

        Let me guess -- your Kate Spade case is blue?


        If that's the case, you'll have to talk to Kate Spade and make them make you whole with your staining.


        I had a case in the past that stained a device (again, blue -- I think blue is a pretty large problem since there's problem with bleeding with blue fabric in one of our current quilting projects, but that's not associated with this stuff).  It's not a manufacturer problem because they don't "support" cases.


        As for JOD, I don't know if the discoloration impacts your ability to trade-in.  T-Mobile will have to answer this.  Again, if it does, I'd talk to Kate Spade and have them make you whole due to problems with their product.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Stained Galaxy S6!!

          Wow, jenn812 that's super weird it would do that. Was the phone exposed to any water while it was inside the case? It's a little tricky to determine if that would be considered as damaged, but there is a possibility that a claim will need to be filed on the phone instead of trading it in for JOD.

            • jenn812

              Re: Stained Galaxy S6!!

              They said they had never seen anything like it. They did accept it for upgrade saying it was not one of the three things they check for on a trade in (1. Cracked screen 2. Water damage 3. Powers up). And no it was not exposed to any water.  Very very strange.  Anyway I'm typing this on my new Note 5 and I love it so far!

                • smplyunprdctble

                  Re: Stained Galaxy S6!!

                  jenn812 wrote:


                  They said they had never seen anything like it.

                  I have -- which is why I made those questions.


                  Glad to hear you got it replaced though.  Be cautious with cases with bold colors.  They're cool, but can stain.