I am going to Alaska and would like to know more about the coverage. I already checked the coverage map and it indicated that there is "partner coverage". I also read that the partner coverage is provided by roaming on AT&T's network.


    Has anybody else been to Alaska and can confirm if it was decent coverage?


    Is there a charge to roam on AT&T's network? I read someone else's question posted here and one answer was contradictory regarding pricing. The answer stated calling is free but then it said calling is .20 per minute so I'm curious which it is.


    Is there anything we need to do to ready our phones (iPhone 6plus and Samsung Note 4) to be able to use the AT&T network?


    Thanks for your help.

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      • tmo_ryan

        Re: Alaska Coverage

        Hi leahrenae76


        Do you have a regular monthly account (postpaid) or are you prepaid?


        Do you know where all you'll be yet?


        Roaming in Alaska will be on either GCI or  AT&T.


        When you're on GCI, it's treated like you're on T-Mobile's network from a bucket. In the places where you might see AT&T, texting/calling is just like normal (included in your plan if you've got a normal postpaid account). For data roaming, you can check out Domestic data roaming to see how much data you might have available. We have a great roaming deal with GCI, AT&T isn't quite as generous.


        As for coverage, I drove from Canada across through Fairbanks, down to Anchorage and the peninsula below, then back out to Canada. Coverage is generally pretty good. Obviously it's Alaska so there's a lot of nature but if you've looked at the places on the coverage map and it shows service then you should be at least able to call and text. I was chatting (both carrierS), texting (both carriers) and even streaming music/videos (on GCI) throughout my trip.

          • leahrenae76

            Re: Alaska Coverage

            Hi tmo_ryan,


            Thank you for the information you provided.


            I have a regular monthly account with the Simple Choice unlimited 4G data plan. On the Domestic data roaming FAQs link, the table shows that if you have unlimited data you're limited to 50MB of roaming. Is that the regular unlimited data, not the plan I'm on where I pay an extra $10/mo to have truly unlimited 4G data?


            We're taking a cruise and the first two ports are Ketchikan and Juneau.

              • tmo_ryan

                Re: Alaska Coverage

                The 50MB would be the roaming allotment for the Truly Unlimited plan.


                The great news though is that as far as I can tell both Juneau and Ketchikan are showing as GCI for roaming so you should be golden.

            • davidnovaak

              Re: Alaska Coverage

              Hi Ryan,


              Thank you for your informative posts on exceptional roaming coverage in Alaska.  I am interested in purchasing a 'GPS Smart Sole' for my 75 YO Mom whom lives in Anchorage, AK 99508.   Glady's unfortunately has dementia borderline Alzheimers.  This product has great reviews and features but is dependent and available "wherever T-Mobile coverage is available".  Would this product work in Alaska without a TMobile account as TMobile is not offered in Alaska at this time but appears you have a cooperative agreement with GCI and AT&T for TMobile devices.


              Appreciate your time and consideration in advance.


              Best Regards.



                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: Alaska Coverage

                  Hey davidnovaak


                  Products like that do require primary native T-Mobile coverage, so I would not work for a situation such as yours where roaming would be the primary.


                  I wish I had a more favorable answer and hope you are able to find something that works for you and your mom!