2nd screen options for next software update.


    Ladies and gents ,


    i just received my V10 a couple of days ago. I love the display , the storage , removable battery etc. However i am finding that i need more options for the 2nd screen. For example. To be able to switch songs with the 2nd screen while the main screen off would be fantastic!!!! Does everyone else wish they could have more options for the dual screen?? Or am i the only one?



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      • smplyunprdctble

        I just did a search on what this "Second Screen" thing is.


        It sounds to me like the app developers would have to develop for this.  Which means it may be limited to apps that are specifically designed for the V10.  If you're using stock apps, I'd focus attention to LG saying "Why can't we do things like this with such-and-such app? I think it would be cool!" and they may add it in.  If it's downloaded apps, you'll have to talk to the App Developers to see if it's something that can be integrated into their apps. 


        If only one device has Second Screen, the chances of development of things is probably low.  But, if Second Screen becomes more prominent in the marketplace, you'll more likely see apps developed for it.