how to use it????????????????

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: screenshot

        Greetings and thanks for posting shooterray.


        Can you check out our Screenshot: LG Leon page? It's got some great steps on how to use the screenshot feature on your phone.

          • shooterray

            Re: screenshot

            well i already tried that but it doesnt work which is why i

            posted.....apparently you dont read peoples questions thoroughly because i

            said i had tried this method to no avail!!! thx for confirming the fact

            that support is not what it should be.....and dont bother with a reply

            since im sure it wont be correct!!!!!

              • tidbits

                Re: screenshot

                Are you trolling?


                Reason why I am asking is because when I read your post I see nothing to indicate anything you've tried and people here are not omnipotent.