Recover files?

    I recently found this old phone when I was cleaning and was curious to see if I have any old files or photos on it. When I powered it up it says "No SIM, SOS Call or Power Off". Is there a way to see/recover what might be on the phone itself without a SIM card, which I'm sure is long gone by now.

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        Re: Recover files?

        Go look on amazon for the SIM Adapter Kit (looks like $5 for Prime, little cheaper if you wait an unknown shipping time).  It allows you to take smaller SIM cards and safely put them in larger-SIM devices.  You can then use the SIM in your current device to get past the nag screen you're talking about.


        I don't know the device to be able to tell you if there's any other way.  But, a SIM Adapter Kit isn't a bad thing to have [especially at that price], especially if you continue to keep that device as a backup phone.