I don't want to lose my Visual Voicemail messages.


    When I open the Visual Voicemail application on my phone (ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce), the message, "Visual Voicemail appears associated to a different account. You can try to reboot your device or you can setup a new account deleting all voicemails. Setup a new account?" with a choice of Yes/No. When I press "No," the application immediately closes.


    The problem lies in the fact that the email it was previously associated with has been disabled, and I can't access it anymore.

    I kept looking for solutions on the internet, seeing if I can possibly transfer the voice messages to my computer, but nothing seems to work.


    I really do not want to lose my voice messages. Most of them I can do without, but there are some I want to keep.


    Does anyone have a possible solution to this issue? Please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated.





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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hello there lbersek.


        This very same thing happened to me when I changed to a new SIM card. When you get that message, the only way past it is to setup a new account. It will delete the messages but it should allow you to set it up after that and then others can leave you visual voicemail messages.


        You mentioned that your email was disabled, is the visual voicemail asking you to enter in your email address during the setup process?

        • magenta3846986

          I am experiencing the same issue as of yesterday 01/14/2018 and I was saving my voicemails for a court hearing and I really need these voicemails on the visual voicemail app. I also have a stalker that has had access to my account and knows the numbers of my family and friends and has blocked numbers on my acct. and always seems to get my new number. He has recently accessed my childs vm acct and activated it remotely somehow. Since april of 2017 I have been going back and fourth with T Mobile and they keep saying this man does not have access or can not access my acct but I finally got a hold of a rep that took me seriously and looked into this and found out that someone else was accessing my acct and making changes and even gave me the make, model and phone number of the Man that is getting into my T Mobile acct and the phone number that accessed my acct used the last four digits of that number to set up my childs voicemail. This man was on my t mobile acct at one time and stole the sim to my childs phone and I suspended the childs number for months and thats how he was getting into the acct in the beginning is with the sim even with that line suspended. I have asked T Mobile to help me set up a new acct cause I have had the same acct close to five years but I always get blown off and get no help from the T Mobile reps. I also have a Order For Protection in place for my child and myself and this situation has put us in harms way. Somehow he is accessing my acct and this is most likely why my Visual Voicemail has been moved to a different acct. I really do like the service i never have problems with dropping calls or data issues and can set up a payment plan if needed without it affecting my service but being stalked and T Mobile allowing this is very scary and frustrating. I have rebooted my phone and cleared the cache but still I cant access my acct unless i make a new one and my vm will be deleted.