I don't want to lose my Visual Voicemail messages.


    When I open the Visual Voicemail application on my phone (ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce), the message, "Visual Voicemail appears associated to a different account. You can try to reboot your device or you can setup a new account deleting all voicemails. Setup a new account?" with a choice of Yes/No. When I press "No," the application immediately closes.


    The problem lies in the fact that the email it was previously associated with has been disabled, and I can't access it anymore.

    I kept looking for solutions on the internet, seeing if I can possibly transfer the voice messages to my computer, but nothing seems to work.


    I really do not want to lose my voice messages. Most of them I can do without, but there are some I want to keep.


    Does anyone have a possible solution to this issue? Please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated.





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