VPN connection redirects to lookup.t-mobile.com


    Hi all,


    I've contacted T-Mobile support a couple times on the phone about this issue, but haven't been able to really get it resolved.  Sometimes when I connect my computer to my hotspot device I am able to use a VPN to connect to my work intranet sites and network folders, sometimes I am not.  When it work it works great, and I'm not able to determine any different settings on my device.  When it doesn't work, I'm not able to ping any of the IP addresses I need access to, and when I access an intranet site it redirects me to http://lookup.t-mobile.com and searches for the intranet address that I've entered.  I've found a couple related threads in the community, but nothing that seems to have answered my problem.  If anyone has any ideas they are much appreciated.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: VPN connection redirects to lookup.t-mobile.com

        Hey hun3r and thanks for posting.


        I'd like to help point you in the right direction but T-Mobile doesn't support the setup and functionality of VPN connections on the device so it's hard to help provide you more assistance with this. The only other group that may be able to provide more guidance would be the manufacturer ZTE. When you're not connected to the VPN, are you able to use the service?

          • hun3r

            Re: VPN connection redirects to lookup.t-mobile.com

            I am able to connect to this device and access the internet if that's what

            you mean.  I've done some more research and it sounds like some of this has

            to do with T-Mobile hijacking the DNS of my VPN, which is why I am not able

            to access the intranet pages and network folders I am trying to access.

            This seems like more a problem with the T-Mobile network than the device

            itself, so I'm not sure what contacting the manufacturer would accomplish.

            My struggle is that I've used other hotspot devices with other carries

            successfully, so I'm not sure why T-Mobile would be different in

            restricting this access.  Any additional help would be appreciated.