Does my internet stop once I've spent my 1gb of internet?


    I bought a chip and a monthly $40 dollar plan, which includes unlimited national calls and sms for a month + 1gb of internet. I'm about to reach 1gb and I received a message from T-mobile saying "You have used 0.8GB of the 1.0GB of your T-Mobile monthly high speed data. If you use all this data you will experience slower speeds up to 128 kbps until your next renewal." Of course I understand the message, but just to make sure I called T-mobile and they told me that I wouldn't have internet (not even the low speed one). I want to know if it will stop or if I'll have low speed internet. I just want to use it for whatsapp, so I dont care if it's the high speed or the low speed internet.

    This is my current plan:

    $40 Simply Prepaid (1GB 4G LTE)

    Thanks to anyone who can answer

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