My LG Leon is having issues when I make calls...


    Often times the person I'm calling can't hear me but I can hear them just fine.  It seems to be only when I initiate the call and I don't think it's happened when someone else has called me.  I'd say this happens about 30% of the time I initiate a call.  Anyone have any advice on how to fix this issue or had a similar problem with the LG Leon?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I did some checking on this for you adunn2002 and I haven't seen that we've been getting reports of this happening. I do have some advice for you though. Do you power off your phone at least once a day? Doing this is a good best practice to give the phone a "rest" and make sure it works properly for you when you need it. It also resolves a large portion of mishaps like audio troubles.


        You could also check to see if this is happening with every number or just a few numbers. This'll help isolate the source and be useful information to provide a solution for you. You do want to make sure the microphone hole on the device is clear of debris and isn't being blocked by a case or cover as well.


        If you are in need of more help, you can Contact Us and get in touch with Tech Support or message our T-Force team through the social media links below. You can have them reference DOC-37247.  It'll help them address this further for you if you need more help.