Network Error:  Please check connection and try again



    I have the HTC M9 and after Christmas started receiving the above error.  I have searched all over and no one has really experienced this.  It happens frequently at many different locations.  I uninstalled any apps I installed after Christmas, I enabled google wallet (there was a site that said that could be the issue), I went two days with Data roaming off, I turn wifi off when I am not in a wifi area, and have kept GPS off/on.


    I don't know what else to try to stop the Network Error.


    Sometimes I loose the Network and have to completely reboot the phone to get any network connection again.  But that is very rare.


    Any help is welcomed.




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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey, I have a few suggestions for you. Have you checked your coverage to make sure you're within a T-Mobile? Compare Networks | Our Network is as Good as Verizon's | T-Mobile


        If so, and the coverage is fine, are you getting this message randomly, or when you're doing on something on the phone specifically? Have you tested the sim in another phone to see if you're getting the same message? If the message follows the sim card we could look into replacing the sim for you but if it only happens on this phone, you could Master Reset it to clear out anything on it that could be causing this.


        If you have completed these steps already, you'll want to Contact Us and speak with Tech Support over the phone or message our T-Force with the social media links below. You can have them reference DOC-7461 as it does have some steps they'll follow to troubleshoot this further with you.


            Thank you Mike.  I ended up doing a factory reset and didn't reinstall a back up.  I installed from scratch.  I appreciate your response.  The error was happening randomly no matter where I was our what I was doing.  I uninstalled one app at a time.  The error wouldn't stop. 


            I haven't received the error since the reset and most all my base line apps are reinstalled.