Verizon to T-Mobile w/ Galaxy S4, biggest mistake? SMS, 4G, VM issues


    Hello everyone,


    I made the leap from Verizon to T-Mobile with my Verizon edition Samsung Galaxy S4 (not know the SMS issues).  In store, the T-Mobile folks handed me a SIM card and said I that I needed to call Verizon to unlock my phone.  So, I called Verizon and they said that phones haven't been locked since February of 2015.  Strike 1!


    Ok.  So I put the T-Mobile SIM card in.  I found the following problems:


    1) No Mobile Data connection

    2) "SIM card is not from Verizon..." message,

    3) unable to send SMS and MMS texts.

    4) No access to VoiceMail


    1) To fix the Mobile Data Connection, I Googled "T-Mobile APN settings".  This led me to several sites that helped me fix that issue. Okay.  Upon trying to access the internet with Mobile Data/4G, no luck. Problem 1, still fixed.  Though, I may need to fiddle around with the Networks settings (Global, CDMA, etc.).


    2) "SIM card is not from Verizon"  Basically, I found that the the only way to get rid of this is to "Force Stop" the app.  This is only a temporary fix, because after a reboot, it returns.  Problem 2: Found work around.


    3)  Unable to send SMS and MMS texts.  It sounds as though hundreds of other saps, like me, who made the leap from Verizon to T-Mobile with the great Galaxy S4 have this same issue.  Personally, I've tried just about everything:

    1. Reboot phone
    2. Pull out/reinstall battery
    3. Pull out/reinstall T-Mobile SIM card
    4. Factory reset
    5. Sending SMS as MMS instead (since I verified that my MMS setting were correct in Problem 1)
    6. Removed/unable any and all Verizon apps
    7. Tried to access and change SMSC number from Verizon to T-Mobile (put sequence '*#*#4636#*#*' into dialer, tried rooting, simple message settings, etc.).  Either they sinmply didn't work or Verizon's edition of the S4 has it locked up.


    As a work around, I'm using a third party app, which sends texts from a different number.  The unforunate thing is, my contacts have to text to my original number, not this other.  It's kind of a hassle, but hey, it's free.


    4) No access to Voice Mail

    I assume that some of the previous issues are correlated with the VM issues.  However, I'm trying to find an app on Google Play as a work around.


    Of course, I've contact Verizon and TMobile.  Both try to pass the issue onto each other and neither want to provide me a solution or at the very least, steps towards a solution.  The easy way out would be for me to get the $51 for trade in for my S4, then pay $350 to TMobile for a used S5.  I'm aware that certain limitations come with switching carriers or BYOD (per other TMobile's site and customer forums).  However, when TMobile's comparability test, two TMobile online specialists and a store rep tell me that a Verizon edition S4 will work with TMobile, I assumed that fundamental functions will work (mobile data, texting, etc.).

    Ironically, I switched to TMobile to save money, yet, I'm finding that I may have to spend $350 to get basic functions.  Therefore, my options are pay the $350 for a used S5, switch back to Verizon, or look for the cheaper carrier (one carrier, I could get a comparable plan and new phone for $10 cheaper a month than keep my current phone (which doesn't send texts or connect to 4G) with TMobile.

    If anyone has suggestions or TMobile has any solutions or incentives, I'm here to listen.

    Best regards,



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