LG V10 issues


    I'm on my second LG V10 due to the constant issues.  First, the Wi-Fi problems.  The second one is slightly better than the first, but still awful.  I have 300mbps service at my home, my tmo G3 I use for work with AT&T sim gets 200+mbps up to 250.  My laptop gets around 200mbps.  Then there's my V10, which ranges from 0-40mbps.  Yes, I get tests that tell me 0mbps.  The speed is incredibly slow, it takes a bit to get gifs to load, websites to come up, anything.

    Second, mms is rare to work, both sending and receiving.  My wife sends me 4 pics, I get 2.  Or I get the "message not downloaded, try again."  the latter is becoming much more prevalent, and I've tried hangouts, messaging, and Google messenger.  I just downloaded evolve to try as well.  When sending pics, it takes several attempts to get to go through, or I just give up and decide it's a pic that didn't need to be sent.


    This phone is making its way down the list quick, I'm getting more and more frustrated by it daily.  I've heard Verizon got updated with fixes to at least the Wi-Fi issue, but also a few other things like fingerprint scanner.  When will tmo update ours?  Will that actually make this phone usable?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: LG V10 issues

        Ouch, sounds like this phone has been a real pain for you dysfunkshun but I do have some suggestions for you.


        For the Wi-Fi speeds, you can try going into your Settings and open up your list of Apps to find the Google Connectivity Services and clear the data and cache from that app. This application helps with network connection and this could resolve the speed issue by doing this.


        For the MMS, I would suggest using just the pre-installed messaging application and removed the 3rd party apps. You'll also want to make sure you have all the correct APN settings that can be found on this link.



        After checking those settings, I would make sure you have a strong 3G or 4G connection with 2-3 bars of signal then retest the MMS. It wouldn't hurt to try it with another person as well as another image to make sure the picture itself isn't the source of the issue. A master reset would be the last thing you could try on the phone to resolve the Wi-Fi and MMS issues.


        As for the fingerprint scanner, we've been informed that LG is developing a software fix to help with that. It tends to work better without a cover on the phone, so I would encourage that you remove it if you have one. You'll want to keep an eye on the V10's software page for the update.