LTE no connection for specific service only


    I started having this issue 4-5 weeks ago and also reached out to the T-mobile tech support without any success.


    When connected to the LTE network when I try to access certain websites like or or the browser just doesn't display anything. However, if I try to access other sites like it is working fine. Same thing with the apps too. The google maps and other apps works fine but apps like spotify or pandora can't connect. If I connect to WiFi everything works fine without any issues.


    Here are the things that I have already tried


    • Network reset. (did this like 100 times already)
    • Did a factory reset of the phone and set it up as new
    • Went to the Apple store for support. We even took out the SIM and put it in the different phone. We still had the same issue so we ruled out it was not a device problem.
    • To verify it was not a coverage issue, I tried with friends phone to access these sites from the same location and their phones do not have any problem.


    T-mobile team says that their network have no problem and look for hardware support. Apple says there is no issue with the hardware.


    Also, I have two lines in my account and both lines have the same exact problem.


    Does anybody have similar issues? What else can I do to resolve this issue? Is the only solution left for me is to switch to different provider?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: LTE no connection for specific service only

        I've seen issues where one ISP (AT&T) simply had no routing to certain domains. I had to get the issue escalated to the network engineers (no small task) to get a resolution. However, I just checked and and had no issues. So, I tend to suspect there's something about your phone or account that's blocking them.

          • mainali

            Re: LTE no connection for specific service only

            Yup. I confirmed that with my friends as well. The customer support says there is nothing unusual with my account. I don't think it is a phone because I have two phones with same behavior. The issue was still there when we moved the SIM to a different phone.

            A ticket was filed with the engineering team of T-mobile which came out as no issues on their network. I wish there was a way to look at the application logs easily in ios.


            I'm not entirely sure how this works on iPhone, but try disable IPv6 for your APN


            In Android it's something similar to:

            Settings > Data Usage > Top Submenu "Cellular Networks" > Access Point Names

            Then click on the APN > APN Protocol > Select IPv4


            This solved a problem I was having with Pandora not playing on LTE, but worked on 3G and WiFi.