SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?



    Is there a current plan where with a tablet I can send and receive sms/mms messages?

    The tablets have a phone number, right?

    So, can I send and receive sms/mms via the tablet?


    I still haven't bought the tablet at my nearest T-Mobile store...

    Just wondering this before buying.


    Thank you

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      • hotspot-woes

        Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?


        Can I setup a phone plan on a tablet?

        I won't be making phone calls, yet I will be using data and sms/mms.


        Any ideas?

        • The phone number is less for a phone and more for an account/device number to indicate a line of service.  Line doesn't mean phone, it means "portion of an overall account."  You can add on a tablet for $x amount a month and tether off your mobile hotspot from a phone, and can also use apps to send/receive messages on the tablet FROM and TO the phone, as the phone acts as the receiver/sender, and the tablet does not.  The phone is the middle-man.  You CAN make calls over data/wifi with a tablet using Google Voice, but not T-Mobile.

            • hotspot-woes

              Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?


              I am reading your answer, yet I still have questions.

              Say I open up a new account just with a tablet.  No phones in the account.


              Is there a plan that enables me to send/receive sms via that tablet?


              I am not interested in making phone calls from the tablet, or using the internet.

              Just sms/mms.


              Is it possible?

                • A tablet is not a phone, so it cannot send sms/mms without having a device to send and receive for it.  Buying a T-Mobile tablet will cost you monthly for the device payments, and even if you bring your own, you still have a $20 line access fee.  The line comes with a min 2GB for $20.  So, having a tablet for data only is useless to you.  Are you trying to bypass having an actual phone for some reason?  There are many apps and browser extensions that work in unison to send and receive that can be used on the tablet, but the tablet must have an active phone and number for this to work.

                    • hotspot-woes

                      Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?

                      I am not interested in a phone because it's not what I am looking for.


                      I want a big tablet (Android, and something like a Galaxy 10.5).

                      The internet is not important... I can get wifi on-premise.

                      Yet I need sms/mms on the tablet's phone number.


                      Still not clear if this is possible or not.


                      Not wanting to link up the tablet to a phone... or proxy the sms/mms from the phone via the tablet.

                      Just want a tablet that can send/receive sms/mms.


                      Is it possible with T-Mobile?

                    • smplyunprdctble

                      Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?

                      You cannot set up a Tablet with a Phone plan.  Just like you can't set up a Phone with a Tablet plan.


                      If you have a Tablet with GSM capabilities (e.g. a Tablet plan, not tethered), and your tablet supports messaging, you will be able to text with that device, and it will be associated with the number associated with that device.


                      Not all Tablets support texting.  My Nexus 7, for example, will display incoming texts on the screen, but there is no Messaging with it as it's not supported (even though the network and everything supports it). 


                      An alternative a lot of people seem to use is Google Voice (Hangouts) as it now supports MMS or WhatsApp.

                        • hotspot-woes

                          Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?

                          Well, Google Hangouts is an option, yet it introduces the possibility of Google nixing the service without warning.

                          WhatsApp will be used, yet I need sms/mms.


                          Not sure if it's possible with T-Mobile?

                            • smplyunprdctble

                              Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?

                              If you have a tablet with a SIM and the tablet supports SMS/MMS, it will work.


                              Apparently tablet supporting SMS/MMS is the difficult part (as I said, the Nexus doesn't [with the factory OS, apparent a rooted OS does give the ability, but we don't discuss rooting here, nor do I have first hand experience].  Some devices have, some devices don't.  I don't have a list, so the only way to know is to say "I'm interested in this tablet" and do a Google search on whether or not that tablet supports texting).


                              But, as was said earlier, you'd be spending some amount monthly ($20? there's a $10 discount if you add it to an existing T-Mobile account) to get you on T-Mobile's network.  Based on your earlier post, it sounds like this amount would just be for the ability to text since you have WiFi everywhere.


                              There's also MightyText.  It's an app that basically gives your tablet (or PC web browser) access to your phone's texts -- both reading and sending.  All that's required at that point is an internet connection (on both phone and tablet), and your phone needs to be in a position that it has a signal to send.  The phone can be any network, and the tablet doesn't even need cellular capabilities.


                              With Google's Project Fi, I'd doubt there's any plans on discontinuing Google Voice.  Charge in the future, maybe.  Discontinue, probably not.

                      • barcodeable

                        Re: SMS/MMS on a Tablet's Data Plan?

                        I have a 2GB Mobile Internet Tablet Plan I use with my Alcatel A30 (Free Tablet On Us from T-Mobile) and It is capable of sending text and picture messages using the T- mobile number that's assigned to it. I'm able to score big when T-Mobile Tuesday roll around. You can also use Google voice... I can't make phone calls using the Alcatel A30 native messaging app though and I have not been successful with making phone calls using google voice... but I have sent text messages using the Google Voice App. There may be a way to make phone calls with google voice... i just havn't figured it out yet. But I have been successful making phone calls using other messaging apps....


                        I have seen in the T-Mobile store a Samsung Tablet that is capable of sending text and picture messages.