First call goes to VM and next rings


    My wife has an Iphone 6s - When you call from a landline OR a cellphone - the first call rings once and goes to voicemail.  If you hang up and call back - it rings normal and can be answered.  Her cell phone does not ring on the first call that goes to voicemail.  If I call back later in the day - it does the same thing, VM and then rings.  I am not sure of the time in the reset of going to vm vs ringing straight through as that would be a troubleshooting nightmare.  We have turned the phone off and on, we have done a soft reset (I think that is where you hold down home and power and it reboots).  It has been going on for about a month now.



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      • jignash

        Re: First call goes to VM and next rings

        Help Please ! !

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: First call goes to VM and next rings

            Hey jignash that's no good your wife's phone service is going wonky but I do have a few thoughts on how to help with this. I'd start by asking if you have the Family Allowances service as there are settings that can cause calls to route to voicemail like it's doing. For example, there are steps you can use to make sure the line is Enabled.


            If you don't have this feature or the you do, and the line is enabled, I'd suggest dialing ##004# and then calling it on her phone. This will help remove any strange call forwarding that may be set up. If you get an error the first time you try it, dial it again and power the phone off then back on again and retest her service.


            Another thing you can check is if her phone is on some kind of Do Not Disturb mode or you can check if it's blocking calls. You can find those steps here on this site by going to the How Tos for the phone, click on the Communications link within the How Tos, then clicking on Block Calls.


            After that's all been done, your last resort would be to Contact Us and get in touch with Tech Support or our T-Force team that can help troubleshoot further through social media. If you want to have T-Force troubleshoot this through our social channels, just click the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ link below, sign in, and send them a message. You can have either Tech Support or T-Force reference DOC-22507 as it has some additional steps they can walk you through to get this taken care of for your wife.

          • magenta6513087

            Re: First call goes to VM and next rings

            My wife and I also have this issue..