Why is my replacement phone not compatible with apps from my precious phone


    I have had this phonesince July and had many apps on it. I recently got a replacement phone(same model) but some of the apps are not compatible with.this new phone. Why is this.

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      • smplyunprdctble


        (yes, I figured out you meant "previous", I just had to.. teehee)


        The only thing I can think of is said apps were installed before a Software Update on your precious.. I mean your previous phone, OR your new phone has a newer Software Version than your old one [you never updated].


        What happens is an app developer says "hey, this app works on this version of software [and sometimes these specific devices]".  Sometimes things still work after a software update, sometimes they don't (if the app was installed on a previous software version and pulled forward).


        First, I'd check to make sure you're up to date (Software version: LG Optimus L90), and if you are, talk to the app developer to figure out why it's not listed as compatible.