4G connectivity issues


    Recently purchased a Lumia 435 from local Walmart. It seems that although I'm in a 4G coverage area and my plan allows for 4G data, that my phone only is able to access 2G data. I've referenced the two following threads (What band and frequency does lumia 435 use for 4g on t-mobile network?) and (https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-20922#2g_4g) and still cannot get 4G data on my phone. I'm mostly in a WiFi area so I connect using that but there are times when I am not and would like to get that 4G speed since 2G is about useless with smartphone apps. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: 4G connectivity issues

        So, 4G is really "3.5G" in this case (HSPA+)


        According to quick specs I find, the HSPA network on this device is the 1900 band (Band 2).  So, unless you live in a Band 2 HSPA deployed area, you won't get anything besides 2G.


        Assuming the specs I found are right, I don't know why this phone was ever sold from T-Mobile with it's limited connectivity.

          • binary_harbinger

            Re: 4G connectivity issues

            Seems like a reasonable answer. I didn't dig deep into the specs of the phone but I can see now that this is a problem with the phone itself. I don't think that T-Mobile is pushing lower bandwidth but claiming otherwise. The coverage map showing in my concerned areas indicate that I should be getting maximum available bandwidth. I agree. Waste of my money. My next question, I suppose, is whether or not Walmart will accept the return.