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    Loss of Gigabit speeds with firmware update


      I have Gigabit internet from Cox and I just noticed that I have the new firmware on my cellspot router.  When I do a speedtest.net check I am getting 240 MBps when I used to get 900MBps.  I contacted ASUS and Tmobile and was sent a new router, but the same issue is happening.  This is a wired connection, not wireless, when I go directly from the modem or use the ISP provided Netgear router I get the gigabit speeds.  Has anyone else noticed this issue?  Tmobile and ASUS are telling me there is nothing wrong, I think something broke with the new firmware.

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          I'm also having a similar issue. I have 50Mbps down, 5Mbps up through TWC. Over time my speeds will drop below 10Mbps. Once I reboot my router it will test at the correct speeds.

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            Thanks for the tip, I tried to reboot and reset the router and I still have a quarter of the speed I should.  If I go from my modem to my laptop and bypass the Cellspot I get the 900 MBps, same speeds if I use the Netgear router that my ISP provided me.  Makes me think there is an issue with the firmware.

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              I have the router myself apdhart and I haven't noticed a decrease in speeds. My internet is actually faster going through the router.


              You've really exhausted all options I can think of. I did some checking on the firmware update and didn't see there were reports of it causing slow data. I understand you've contacted ASUS already but if this is stemming from the latest firmware update, ASUS would be the best chance at getting this addressed. T-Mobile doesn't have the ability to correct firmware, we can only replace the hardware.

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                I am on my 3rd replacement and its the same thing.  Maybe it takes the gigabit and spreads it across the 4 ports, hence why I am getting only 230mbps down when on a wired connection.  I liked the router up until it is limiting my gigabit speed.  I would love to try an older firmware or a non t-mobile branded ASUS router to see if it is any different.