Device DEAD after 15 days. T-Mobile says take a hike!


    Been a loyal T-Mobile customer for the last decade (not anymore after this experience) and can't believe the horrible (lack of) customer service they provide. My old phone broke on the 17th, so figured it was a couple years old and I'd go get a newer one. Bought the Galaxy S6 Edge and then they talked me into getting the Gear S2 to go along with it. Seamed pretty cool so I thought why not.


    Well in less than 14 days it was dead. I was out of town for the holidays and no T-Mobile store within 50 miles of where I was staying. I brought my watch into the store today and since we're on day 15 they basically told me to take a hike. I assumed that since the device was completely dead, they'd be able to exchange it for a new one. Told me I'll have to deal with Samsung on the warranty to get it replaced. They said if I would have gotten their replacement plan that they would have exchanged it. Nobody mentioned any kind of replacement plan when I bought my device 15 days ago.


    On top of this, the sales associate was so snotty during the entire process. I was like "really, you're telling me I have to deal with Samsung on this, I just bought it". And she kept saying, "Sir, do you even want my help?". Was totally floored by her attitude. Her co-workers and the "Manager" just stood around staring at their phones like this behavior is completely normal there.


    I guess I have no choice but to have it replaced by Samsung. They told me at the store I'd get it in 7 days, then I'm told 3 weeks. Then on top of it they said that they'll be another $20 charge on my bill for the pleasure of this visit.


    I'm completely livid at this point. Not much you can do but bend over and take it. You have to have a phone these days and they won't release your number unless you pay them a huge some of money.


    So this year I've had the pleasure of T-Mobile leaking my details in their experian issue and then they don't provide the most basic of customer service. They won't even assist with the warranty issue with Samsung, basically after they take your money you're on your own.

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      • theartiszan

        That is return period anywhere though. You do have the two weeks and then you fall under warranty. This would be the same policy with any carrier. You might be able to speak with a manager over the phone with tech support and might waive the warranty fee since it is so close. But being past the return period you would either need to go through T-Mobile's exchange program or call Samsung to see what type of warranty service they can offer.

          • jeremiah.l.peterson

            Not true, my girlfriend is on ATT and they say the same 14 day return for any reason. But her phone was rebooting randomly and they exchanged with a brand new phone on day 28 since it was obviously defective. I get that there are rules, but 1 day over. They could have at least tried to call someone to get an exception.


            1. Quote from the sales rep: "after 14 days it's not our problem" That's some great customer service there. Even if it is true, show some tact.


            2. They told me that if I had purchased their replacement plan then they would have done it no problem. Why wasn't this replacement plan ever mentioned when I purchased these devices? Seems like every other electronic device I buy these days I get nagged about buying this protection. T-Mobile never even mentioned it was an option.


            3. They could have and should have assisted in the warranty exchange process. Basically told me to deal with Samsung and take a hike. When I got home and called the number they explained that the store should have handled the process for me.


            4. I get that sometimes your hands are tied and policies are policies. But they made zero effort on customer service today. Completely acted like I was just bothering them and they needed to get back to candy crush or whatever they were all doing on their phones. 6 employees standing around, no customers in the store but me and not a single one of them could say anything but "after 14 days it's not our problem"

          • dragon1562

            Just to clarify what device is defective your phone or the watch? Next i wanted to mention that  although it sucks it is your job to stay informed i have been screwed like you by t-mobile and AT&T at one point or another what you should do now is save your receipts and record all calls that are made so that you have actual evidence on how things were handled and what you were informed. Also i would recommend going to another store in the area if its possible you may have better luck. As for samsung they are going to give you a refurb device so if your fine with that then go that route and overall i just wanna say sorry that your in such a cruddy position its not fun especially around the holidays but if you take a step back and a deep breath the situation will go by smoother.

            • tmo_mike_c

              That's rough having the watch go out on you in such a short amount of time jeremiah.l.peterson. I feel for you especially since you didn't get the best experience at the store either. I would agree that the 14 day return period is the standard we have in place (Even if it is one day outside of that, sorry).


              As for the warranty, there are 2 options. If you purchased the watch with a sim card (meaning, the watch has it's own standalone number) we would be able to replace it under warranty through T-Mobile. If you just bought the watch outright and it doesn't have it's own sim card and phone number tied to it, Samsung owns handling the warranty.


              With all this being said, I do understand this doesn't make up for what you were told and how you were treated at the store. I'll be sending you a message you can access by logging into this link If you reply to that message with the name and even the specific location you went to, I'll be sure to forward the details of what happened to you so we can have your interaction looked at internally.


              Thank you.

              • bluenova1901

                You`re telling me.. after purchasing the S8 and noticing a dead pixel one f*cking day later they wanted to file it under buyers remorse instead of just swapping the phone out and then to get a new one they want me to refinance a new phone pay the f*cking upgrade fee and a restocking fee or if i use the jump insurance they`d give me a refurbished s8 which is stupid i pre-ordered the phone at the retail am going to pay 720 for a refurbished phone and the jump insurance is total crap after all that they basically told me i could go talk to Samsung....tmobile will win in the end i will pay for a f*cked up phone but after im going to verizon.....tmobile is garbage....