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    For the past couple of months now, I've been having problems using navigation on my Note 4. Whether I use Waze or Google Maps, it simply cannot find and hold onto my location. If I get lucky one of the apps will find my location but as soon as I start moving it will say GPS signal lost. I've tried high accuracy with 4g and wifi on, GPS only, and the power saving mode but my GPS just cannot work. I've also tried taking off my case which didn't help.


    Can someone help me? In addition, my warranty has expired. If I go to a store, what can they do for me?

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      • lugomjo

        Re: Note 4 GPS Problems

        Hey, yes the Note 4 does have some GPS problems, you are not alone on this. I am on my 3rd Note because of the GPS-ok actually the first Note had the camera focus issue, the second Note had GPS and this one continues to have GPS issues. I tried several different apps but, the app that helps is called GPS Locker. This app saved my Note 4 GPS. It's free and it def works. I tried several different apps and none worked. Let me know when you get it so I can let you know a setting that will automatically turn the app on/off when the GPS is on/off.


        I've also tried case on/case off

        Different cases

        wifi off/on YEs i've tried them ALL!!! same boat.

        • lugomjo

          Re: Note 4 GPS Problems

          What also helps is calibrating the compass


          For this open the phone app on your smartphone,now type the following code to open the secret service menu on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which provides tests for hardware components: The code is: *#0*# When you entered the code on the keypad, you can now see different tiles in front of a white background. One of these tiles is called "sensor". Tap on this tile to enter the sub-menu of the service menu. Scroll down a bit until you can see "Magnetic Sensor". The circle with the slash represents the compass. The bar should always points north. The following numbers can be seen in the black circle:     

          0 - Compass needs to be calibrated     

          3 - Compass is calibrated

          If you can see a zero, you have to recalibrate the compass on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. For Calibration, rotate the smartphone once to all of its axes. Subsequently, the compass should jump to "3" and is now calibrated. If not, repeat the process. Alternatively, you can also swing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the form of an 8. You know now how to calibrate the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compass function, so that this again indicates the correct direction.



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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Note 4 GPS Problems

            Yikes, having this happen for months is no good thatonekoreanjoo. I do have a few suggestions for you.


            First we'll start with the obvious stuff. For example, you'll want to make sure you can use the internet on the phone. If that's working, you could try clearing the application data for the Google Maps using these steps:

            You can check for updates for the Google Maps app and make sure you've got the latest version too.


            The last suggestion would be a Master Reset and trying the GPS without putting your applications back on the phone right away. If you need further help after that, you'll want to Contact Us and get in touch with our Tech Support or T-Mobile's T-Force team via the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ links below. You can have them reference DOC-19849 as it will have the next steps they'll take to help with this further.