How to swap the phone numbers between phones in family plan

    Hello T-Mobile experts,


    I have one line (Galaxy S5 with micro SIM card) and I recently placed the order to add another line for my son. The phone I ordered for the second line is Galaxy S6 with nano SIM card. However I want to swap the phones, i.e. give S5 to my son and use S6 on the first line (i.e. keeping my phone number). The SIM cards are of the different size - so I can not just swap them. If I understand it correctly, S6 will arrive with the SIM card already activated (because it is postpaid account). Is there a way I can swap the numbers without using adapters, cutting the SIM, etc.?


    From my past experience - when my first phone with SIM (for the first line) arrived, it was activated and a new number was assigned it. Then I called the customer service and ported my old number from my old provider (Verizon) successfully. So from this if I understand it correctly the already activated SIM with assigned phone number can be reassigned to a different phone number without any problem. So the phone numbers swap can be done easily as well? And no need to touch SIMs at all?

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