Returned my phone through UPS and now T mobile is saying they received it cracked, it wasn't when I sent it. Anyone else have this problem?

    My Samsung Galaxy six stopped turning on and I took it to the T-Mobile store. They told me they couldn't find anything wrong with it so they advised me to go to Best Buy and ask the Samsung specialist. He also said nothing was wrong and I should return it because it was malfunctioning. I sent it back through UPS in Lakewood California there weeks ago. Now T-Mobile is charging me $400 for a cracked phone that wasnt cracked when I sent it. So frustrated with both stores. T mobile for not accepting phones at the store to avoid this violation and UPS for damaging my phone. Now I have to pay $400 for a phone I didn't damage. This is added to the $600 the phone was originally, so I paid $1,000 for a phone. Had anyone else had similar problems? What else can I do? It's really unfair this added $400 bill I didn't deserve especially during holiday season. So sadden, disappointed, and frustrated with both companies.

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