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    Hotspot redirecting to web2go and not working (14 GB hotspot plan)

      So, I have a  North America Simple Choice plan with unlimited data and 14 GB hotspot.

      Until 2 days ago I had the same plan but with 7 GB hotspot and everything was working correctly, until now.

      Basically, every time I try to use my iPhone 6 as hotspot I now have a redirect to u.web2go.com with the message "your data plan does not work on this device. Click here to sign up for a new data plan".

      Weird, because it was working until 2 days ago and nothing changed by my side.

      So my hotspot is not working anymore.

      What should I do? It's really annoying, especially when you pay 95 dollars for a service that is not working.

      In the meantime I tried to fix it with an operator through the t-mobile.com chat service but nothing, the problem is still there.

      We did the "basic troubleshooting steps" and we also resetted the network settings but nothing, same story.


      I hope to receive some help from you guys soon!

      Thanks in advance