What's the difference between the Simple Choice plan and Simple Choice North America?

    What's the difference between the Simple Choice plan and Simple Choice North America?

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      • So, below is what the website has, I currently have the Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text.   Obviously, I see the Mexico & Canada coverage and the 2GB of Data versus 1 GB, but the North AMerican Plan says 120+ countries while the my current plan says 140+ .....what are the 20 countries left out?   I travel a lot internationally, so it matters to me!   Also, my plan states $.20/minute while the other says nothing?


        Simple Choice North America Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text   $50.00



        This plan includes:
          • Unlimited talk, text and data while on our network with no overages or annual service contracts.
          • NOW! Includes unlimited calling to any number in Mexico and Canada from the U.S. PLUS get 4G LTE data and unlimited calling and texting when you’re in Mexico and Canada, just like in the U.S., at no extra charge.
          • Starting with up to 2GB 4G LTE data per month. Your choice of additional 4G LTE data.
          • Unlimited data and texting when you travel to any of 120+ countries and destinations so you can stay connected when you’re abroad.
          • Includes Binge On optimized video streaming that saves your data.
          • Music Freedom™ with unlimited music streaming on our network from top services such as Pandora and iHeart Radio without using your data.
          • Coverage not available in some areas.
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        Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text   Currently active $50.00
        This plan includes:
          • No annual service contracts.
          • Your choice of additional high-speed 4G LTE data.
          • Unlimited talk, text & data while on our network with no overages. Ever.
          • Unlimited international data and text while roaming in 140+ countries and destinations and calls are just $0.20 per minute.
          • Unlimited streaming from great services like Pandora and iHeartRadio that doesn’t count against your 4G LTE data included at no extra charge with a Simple Choice Plan.


        • tmo_mike_c

          This could depend on when you started your Simple Choice plan. There's a small paragraph that explains the differences with the Simple Choice plans based on when a customer signed up on our The specified item was not found. page.


          If you have questions about exactly when you started service, you can Contact Us and speak with customer care.

          • miket

            There have been several changes in the last few months:

            The number of countries has been increasing.  Several were added just in Sept.  (One was Monenegro 7 days after we were there and spent about $15 for a 4 minute call.)  Maybe some of the various subsidiary mentions of the total countries hasn't been changed.

            Basic hi-speed data incl. has doubled from 1G to 2G.

            For some dumb reason, if you are on plan that was established more than a few weeks ago -- you have to contact CS and ask them to add "NA Plan".   NO price change.  Those on the regular post paid Simple Plan have always had intl. roaming to 120 (now 140) countries included.

              What is confusing is - TM uses the same names to describe different plans.  They call various pre-paid plans "Simple".

              The basic plan costs $50+$30+10+10 is you have 4 lines and now includes all I mentioned above.

            • barcodeable

              I had a similar issue a couple of years ago when the Simple Choice North American Plan sprung up.... i was on the Simple Choice Plan and I was thinking adding the new Simple Choice North American Plan to my account was the best thing.... Having the updated T-Mobile Plan I thought was the best thing to get, I was wrong (in my case). Because when i clicked on the button to add the  Simple Choice North American Plan, the system was preparing to remove me from my previous plan (PLAN CHANGE) in which unfortunately would remove my Family Stateside International Plan that allows all of the voice lines on my account to have the ability to call internationally for only $10 per month. So if i had made the change and if i had wanted the International Calling Feature under the new Simple Choice North American Plan, i would then have to pay $15 per voice line as opposed to $10 for all voice lines. It was a no brainer to stick with what i had. And currently i have 5 voice lines all with the ability to call international for only $10 per month vs paying $75 dollars a month ($15 each per line) Im not a genius but im also no dummy lol