Google Voice for voicemail service

    I recently switched from verizon (no appreciation for customer loyalty).  I brought my own device (S6 Edge) when I made the transfer.  I have used Google Voice as my voice mail service since it was first deployed.  However, missed phone calls are sent to the t-mobile voice mail service.  I tried to switch from google voice to t-mobile and back to google voice.  However, it hangs "reading settings" with the infamous circle spinning.  I then tried to use the GV **402* code from GV and I receive a message saying the number is not in service.  I then tried to use my phone settings to forward my unanswered calls to my GV number.  To finalize it, the phone tries to dial *92..... and I still receive a message that the number is not in service.  It appears as though any number leading with an asterisk will result in the same error message.  Anyone have any suggestions?


    Thank you in advance.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

        Are you prepaid or postpaid?


        Prepaid cannot have custom voicemail.


        Otherwise, the standard setup should work fine (I've set mine up through the app)

          • kyled

            Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

            I am postpaid.  I, too, came from Verizon, where both my Verizon and Google numbers went to GV/Hangouts for my voicemail.  Now I have an LG V10, and I want to continue using Hangouts to read/see my voicemails, and not call into some number or pay an extra fee for T-Mobile to offer a free service.  What year is this?


            The area for voicemails, under Calls in Settings, is greyed out on carrier, and I can't select Google Voice.  How do I fix this issue?

              • kyled

                Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                I just fixed it/figured it out.  LG V10 on 6.0.


                Under Settings -> Wireless Networks -> Call -> Call forwarding ->


                Always forward



                FORWARD IF

                I put in my GV number for the 3 scenarios available -> Busy, Unanswered, Unreachable.


                I did several test calls, and it works perfectly!  The calls were seamlessly sent to my GV voicemail, and the messages showed up immediately in Hangouts.

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                  • zipdrive

                    Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                    Fantastic!! Thanks for the info.  Waiting on a replacement phone thanks to a busted screen and I don't want to leave the phone on.   I'm considering using GV as a permanent VM solution since T-Mobile wants a subscription on emailed and voice to text that Google offers for free.

                    • j9802

                      Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                      I did this too (put my GV # in the three options), but this did not solve the problem.  I get the message:  "Call failed to connect or disconnected because the number was unreachable." when a call to my phone switches to voicemail. 


                      Anyone know whether this is a Google Voice (user) issue or a TMobile issue?

                      • mrpig

                        Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                        kyled that's how i did it too.  works perfectly.  i figured it out before i saw this post.


                        forwarded busy, unanswered, and unreachable to my GV number.  i added +1 to the beginning of my GV number, since that was the format TM used.


                        i also put GV on 'do not disturb' so that it goes directly to voicemail.  i don't use my GV  number except for voicemail.


                        it's great to get a transcript of the message.

                  • timkrimmel

                    Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                    I just switched from Verizon to T-mobile and got a Samsung Galaxy S8 through T-mobiles most recent BOGO promotion.  I tried the **402*Number# but each time I try this, I get a message "USSD code running..." followed by "Unable to process the request".  I checked my settings on the phone and couldn't find anything about call forwarding.  Anyone have any ideas?  I love Google voice and would hate it if I were forced to use T-mobile's butchered version of it.

                      • mrpig

                        Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                        follow the forwarding instructions posted by kyled


                        the call forwarding is under the options menu when you are in the phone app.


                        settings > calls > call forwarding

                          • magenta4091825

                            Re: Google Voice for voicemail service

                            I am adding to the thread in case anyone else is in my situation.  I have an iPhone se running 11.2.5.  Not prepaid.  Under settings/phone/ there are no menu choices for conditional call forwarding.  I already had a google voice number from when I was with Verizon.  I installed the Google voice app on the Iphone SE but the settings offered no help.  I checked the help on the T-Mobile website, which said that there are no menu choices for call forwarding conditional, and that you have to use “short form codes.”  I looked up short form codes for call forwarding conditional, which seemed complex and not exactly clear.  I then started Googling.  In the end, I went onto the Google Voice interface on the internet, selected the Legacy interface, and there was an option for setting up Google Voice as your voicemail.  I switched my carrier there from Verizon to T-Mobile, then selected the button to make Google Voice as my voice mail.  They gave me a long numerical code to type into my phone app and press send, like a phone number.  I got a confirmation screen, and then I tested it, and Google Voice took and transcribed the voice mails. So the code  from the Google Voice Legacy interface worked.  I set Google Voice to do not disturb, to reduce the ring time before voice mail picks up. 


                            But it it is still too long.  Anyone know how to reduce the time?