I bought an HTC One M9 online that said it worked with GSM and they sent a version that says "Verizon" on the back and has some Verizon software.  I put my sim card in and it does work for calling and text, but not for data.  Also, when I go to "System Update" the "Beck for new system update" is grayed out and underneath it says "Software Update only works in CDMA Mode".


    I still have time to return or exchange the phone, so I'd like to make sure I can get it to work 100% before I accept it.  How can I get it to work with the 4G high speed data and also ensure that it updates properly?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

        According to GSMarena.com, the HTC One M9 (Verizon) has HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100, This means that it will not be compatible with T-Mobile's 3G/"4G" service in those places where they still use band-4 (1700) WCDMA. Some of T-Mobile's new LTE phones don't have this band/technology combination, either. But they have LTE for data.  What I would do is to lock the phone into WCDMA/3G-only mode and do a manual search to see what networks appear. If you don't see, "T-Mobile" listed, you may not be able to get 3G with this phone at your location. You also want to check and see what the "Access Point" or "APN" is set to.

          • According to where I bought the phone:


            "This HTC smartphone supports GSM 800/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) CDMA 800/1900 UMTS 850/1900/2100 LTE 1900 and 2G/3G/4G networks."

            Under features it says "GSM 800/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) CDMA 800/1900 UMTS 850/1900/2100 LTE 1900"

            It also states that it is unlocked and without contract.

            It was my understanding that GSM meant it would work with T-mobile.  Isn't this an actual unlocked GSM version?

            If I go to "Preferred Network" under Network settings I see 3 choices for modes:  (1) LTE, (2) LTE/legacy 3GPP, (3) Global

            Under choice (2) it has




            Lte/legacy 3GPP

            It doesn't have an option that you mentioned.

            Is there anything else I can try as far as settings?  If it's simply software I'd rather fix it than go through the hassle of returning it.

              • tidbits

                Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                It may be unlocked but it is a Verizon version.  This means there are some changes to the software that may cause problems like sending MMS or even tethering which is included with your plan. 

                • e2k

                  Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                  maxpowers wrote:


                  It was my understanding that GSM meant it would work with T-mobile.  Isn't this an actual unlocked GSM version?


                  The device must support 1 or more GSM bands that T-Mobile uses in your area. As tidbits stated, the only compatible band is 1900 MHz (band 2). You should take his advice, sell the phone, and get one that is more compatible.


                  T-Mobile Frequencies


                  LTE Frequencies (FDD LTE, not TDD LTE)

                  1700 MHz & 2100 MHz AWS band 4

                  1900 MHz PCS band 2 (in refarmed areas)

                  Lower 700 MHz band 12 (in development)


                  3G/4G Frequencies (WCDMA)

                  1700 MHz & 2100 MHz AWS band 4

                  1900 MHz PCS band 2 (in refarmed areas)


                  2G Frequencies (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)

                  1900 MHz PCS band 2



                  As for data, review and change your APN Settings as necessary.

                    • Thanks for the help everyone!


                      After changing the APN settings as explained in the link I know have data working.  My connection home has never been very good, but I'm getting 3G so I can do phone calls/text/email/internet.  The only thing I can't seem to do is update the phone, as it says CDMA only.




                      According to that link I should be able to update to Anroid 6.0 Marshmallow, but I'm still on Android version 5.0.2 and HTC Sense 7.0.  Is there any way to download the update on my PC and transfer it to the phone?


                      I still have time to return the phone, which I still might do if there are in fact things I wouldn't be able to do with this phone.  If I'm able to connect to the 1900 Mhz band, what's the difference between what I can do with this phone and if I return it to get a T-mobile branded HTC One M9?  I'm not having any problems sending MMS and never tether the device. 

                        • drnewcomb2

                          Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                          According to the tech specs on this site, the T-Mobile M9 includes LTE band-12. That's a very important feature to have in many areas.

                          • tidbits

                            Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                            You are subjected to Verizon's update policy and not T-Mobiles. Also it may work right now but people have expressed problems which T-Mobile can't help remedy in most cases.

                            • crazyemon3y

                              Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                              I had used a Verizon branded Note 3 on T-Mobile for a while and this is what I have to tell you:


                              1. In order to get the phone working I had to add the T-Mobile APN, which you already figured out, and I put the preferred network type to Global, but that phone also didn't have the LTE/Legacy option.


                              2. You will not always get coverage even if T-Mobile does have service in certain area because Verizon phones do not support all of T-Mobile's bands as mentioned by others.


                              3. As tidbits mentioned, the phone is still a Verizon branded phone and you are still bound to Verizon's update policy and their software. Because of this, The link that you cite on T-Mobile's support website does not apply to your device, and even if it did, the Android 6.0 is still in Manufacturer Development and has not been sent out for devices to install yet, and this applies to all variants of the M9, including the unlocked version. That being said, Verizon should have pushed out Android version 5.1 by now. However, with the Verizon branded device, you will need an active Verizon SIM card in the device in order to even connect with the update server and download the OTA. NOTE: It must be an active Verizon SIM, not an old, deactivated SIM card. HTC does have PC software called Sync Manager, however I am unsure as to whether or not you can perform an update using this software.


                              While it is manageable, and you can perform software updates if you know someone who will let you borrow their Verizon SIM card, trading in for a T-Mobile branded phone will ensure that you will receive all the coverage that T-Mobile has to provide (at least until the implementation of whatever spectrum they obtain in next years, 600 MHz auction, which will take a few more years) and that you will be able to use VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, functions that your Verizon branded phone do not support on the T-Mobile network.

                                • Thank you everyone!


                                  The store I bought the phone from does not have a T-mobile branded version so after all my efforts and your help here I'm going to just return the phone.  The seller didn't realize it wouldn't work and I'm getting a full refund. 


                                  T-mobile won't give me anywhere near what I paid even though the phone is in mint condition as I basically opened it and have had it sitting while trying to get it to work, so I'm just going to return it. 


                                  I'm ordering another phone and made sure it was a T-mobile branded device.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will work

                            • drnewcomb2

                              Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                              Under choice 2, select "UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+" and see what it finds. Next try "LTE" and see what that finds.

                              The issue is that T-Mobile used to use mostly 1700 for their HSPA 3G/"4G" service. They've been migrating that to 1900 as they build out LTE on their AWS band (1700) licenses. I'm not sure what they are using in your area.


                              "GSM" means two things: 1) A 2G cellular system that works on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands or 2) A general set of cellular standards detailing everything from what a SIM does to how billing occurs between carriers for roaming calls.  

                          • tidbits

                            Re: Switch unlocked Verizon M9 to T-mobile?

                            Trade it in for a T-Mobile branded one or an actual unlocked GSM version. Saves you the headaches.