My Free Data for Life acts like dial up

    I have an HP 5901 Windows tablet that I recently received a T-Mobile sim card for. Finally figured out how to get it connected to T-Mobile for the Free Data for Life. My mobile broadband shows 2 to 3 bars of T-Mobile "EDGE". Though when I attempt to connect, I swear it is slower than the old dial-up connection. It takes forever to process and the one time it did connect to my Yahoo Mail (after about 5 minutes), I could not do anything with my messages. I've tried every keyword search for something that might explain this. I've looked at every setting I can think of on the tablet, including doing malware & spam checks and multiple restarts. Aside from adding some apps from the windows store, I have made no changes. I've looked to see if there is a way to see any settings at T-Mobile, but have found nothing. The tablet is only a month old. Any ideas?

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