How well does the HTC One A9 Unlocked edition work with Tmo?


    Has anyone here used the HTC One A9 Unlocked edition phone on the T-mobile network? If yes, here are some questions:


    1. Does the wifi hotspot app built into Android 6 work with your T-mobile account? Good speeds? No rooting.

    2. Do you get 4G LTE or is it HSPA+. What speeds do you get?

    3. Do you get band 12 support as the phone says it supports Band 12. Since it has Marshmallow 6, does it have VoLTE and Wifi calling support?

    4. Voice and MMS work well?


    Either way, I can't seem to find anyone that uses this phone with T-mobile. And the few on other sites, only talk about how it "works" with Tmo. But I need more details than that.


    It also comes in a Tmo edition which should work fine.

    And another question, if you have this phone what do you think of the camera for still shots and video?

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