Monday will be 4 *weeks* without the marshmallow update

    Before this marshmallow rollout to the Nexus 6, I was a huge fan of T-Mobile.  That is now waning.  It's ridiculous that it will soon be 4 *weeks* and we are still waiting. 


    I don't want to hear about suggestions to side-load.  Part of the service I'm paying for is for T-Mobile to pass along updates.  I'm not going to take on tasks T-Mobile should have handled.


    I also don't want to hear about more T-Mobile testing.  Did Google surprise the world with the marshmallow update?  No.  It was known for a long time leading up to the official release.  Whatever T-Mobile is doing should have long been done by the time the rollout was announced.


    Notice in the previous paragraph I used the word "whatever"?  What IS T-Mobile doing?  That's another problem here.  We're getting no information whatsoever.  Nothing. 


    T-Mobile, my account has 5 phones on it, do I need go somewhere else?

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