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HTC HD2 & Android

I know the htc hd2 is a windows mobile phone but to be frank it sucks now i know other people has made android Roms for the htc hd2 why does t mobile offer a Android Rom  I think phones should come with the option on witch OS you can use the phone can come with one like windows mobile but if you dont like it or just prefer another OS like android you should be able to do so and not void any warrenties and still be able to get support for your phone  you pay for the phone and the service and your stuck with the OS it came with if you dont you lose your warrent and any support for your phone because the support is only availible for the OS it came with  I personaly like android OS its much faster and more flexable than windows mobile  I like windows on my pc instead of linux  and its odd because android is linux based I perfer in sence linux on my phone and windows on my pc lol please what are your thoughts on this

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    I know Android phones definitely have a lot of flexibility.  And the information you posted is correct, changing or updating the Windows Mobile OS is not a good option due to making the warranty null and void.  Have you looked at your upgrade options on mytmobile.com?

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    I have a HTC HD2 with the droid rom.  Its alot better than windows.

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    yes i have   i dont what to upgrade my phone to a new one i like this phone the htc hd2 i just wish i could run android on in and not lose what i got like warrenties if any and support  i have put android roms on my friends htchd2 some are great but the rom are usely for a diffrent phone the have simular  features i like a android rom thats made for the htc hd2 it work better  i know i could just upgrade to a diffrent phone that comes with android on it and be just as happy with it as i am with my htc hd2  however i paid alot to get the htc hd2 i really not want to pay that again to get another phone and either way i go im always going to keep my htc hd2  iam thinking of trying a andriod  rom on my phone i do know how to put the windows one back on if i need to  i just wish we could have a choice of OS and be able to switch later if we wanted with out loseing anything

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    witch droid rom you using and where did you get it   ( link )

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    Yeah, Android is the best thing for this already decent phone. You can get Android from XDA forums. Search for NexusHD2, but make sure you know what you're doing before you install it.

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    I have Android running on my HTC HD2.  The ROMs are great but you do have to take the time to find one that works for you. Issues you may run into are a faster battery drain.  From a hardware perspective, the HD2 is one of the best out.  Windows mobile did not allow for proper use of it.. I will never buy another winMo phone unless I know for sure I can hack it..

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    I agree with besujo, don't just jump to android and expect miracles.  I'm not a hater, I ran probably in the neighborhood of 75 different android versions on my HD2, and still run one of dungphp's on my daughters HD2.  In my case, while they were all from good to great, they all miss something that Google is just now getting the grip of in Android 4, unified look/feel/actions in the os.  For me, this means that all apps look and behave the same way, not the mish mash of fonts, menu locations, settings, etc.  I got tired of having to spend hours tweaking.  In the end, they were never uniform or consistent.


    In November, I tried yuki/xboxmods wp7 rom.  I thought I'd try it, hate it, and be back on android before my battery was drained.  I was wrong.  WP7 simly works.  Everything is where it consistently should be. The Hubs are brillaint, live tiles give you info without flipping screens, and 3 months on, its still fun to use it.  Everytime.  That said, battery life still sucks.  Maybe 10 hours of moderate use. To work around this I bought 2 extra batteries off eBay, and I'm gold.

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    I am a novice user. Can somebody show me as to how to switch the OS on my HTC HD2 phone from windows to Android 2.3. I need step by step instructions for the switch. I have used android phones before and been happy with it but I love my HD2. Also can one install Android OS on HD7 phone. If possible then can I request for step by step instructions to install Android 2.3 on my HD7 as well. Thanks for the excellent replies here.

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    Anyone Over here Who wants to Install Any Android Rom (Including New ICS 4.0.4) Or WM 7.5 than here is the link with all info and Video Guide.





    I hope it will help You All..

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    I've had my HTC HD2 since it came out & I really loved my phone even though it was only Windows Mobile 6.5. but over time support has faded to literally to, none. I was about to chuck this phone out for a replacement but decided on having the crew over @ halfcab.com install the NexusHD2 rom onto my HD2 and it has renewed the life of this phone. It is running ICS 4.04 really well ... I LOVE IT !!! Thanks to xda, the devs and halfcab!