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    Text Messages from 4 7205

      My family plan has 3 sgs2 phones.  All three phone have received text messages from "4 7205" the service listed is "Directtoconsume".  All three phone seem to receive periodic messages of this type. 


      I am trying to figure out what is causing this. 


      Possibilities: Voicemail, Winamp, Tango, something else?

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          It's definitely coming from an app that has permissions to send you text messages/notifications.  If I were you I'd do a factory reset on my phone and then start reinstalling the apps I want - checking permissions - to make sure none of them are requesting SMS access.  I know there are also apps made specifically to re-detect app permissions but I'd just want to start fresh.  Why would any app need SMS access?  That's ridiculous, I hope you get it sorted out soon.

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            what is the message body? 

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              I haven't seen it yet.  Maybe I inadvertently deleted them?  I am keeping my eye out for new messages, and will report back if I see them.


              This person seems to have a similar problem:



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                I have a similar problem: charges for messages from 4 7205 but they do not show on my phone. I tried to talk to customer service 2-3 times but they do not really understand the problem. Finally I got connected to android support. They are aware of the issue and are collecting information to figure it out. I do not know how often this happens but there are other cases. My suggestion is to call t-mobile, ask to be connected to android support and explain your situation. The more information they have, the sooner it will be resolved.

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                  I got the same notice on my first bill from T-Mobile, and it shows up on my.t-mobile.com as well, but I never actually got a text for these things. I have asked the agents at the local t-mobile shop in my neighborhood where I signed up for the account and bought my phone, but they have no idea what it is. They suggested I waited until I got billed so that they could actually see what the message was, but apparently that isn't actually possible.


                  I went ahead and called support and had them take a look. He couldn't figure out what they were either. He said that DirectToConsumer Shortcodes were coming in as email messages, so in an attempt to prevent further incoming messages from 4 7205, he added a block Email filter in my settings for 47205. I personally added "4 7205" with a space to those filters.


                  He was also nice enought to give me a bonus of 30 free text messages that won't expire until sometime in March of next year. That easily covers the 6 of these unwanted messages since I'm sure I'll at least have that many various texts in the next few months.


                  To add an email filter, do the following steps:


                  1) Goto my.t-mobile.com and sign in. Create a my.t-mobile.com account if you don't have one already.

                  2) Hover over the "MobileLife" tab, and select "E-mail and text tools".

                  3) Under the "In this section" list, click on "E-mail Filters"

                  4) Click the "Create Filter" button.

                  5) Complete the following filter: if From contains 4 7205 then Do not send to handset and do not forward


                  I also went ahead and just selected "Block all messages from E-Mail to handset" since I don't ever see me needing to get emails sent to me as text messages when I can just get people to email my email address.


                  Hopefully this will take care of it permanently... and possibly not allow any spam texts to come in from anywhere in the process.

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                    I am like the third comment on that page; this is my first smart phone. Also, I don't actually have any message to read on my phone... just the charges on my account saying I got these messages. Obviously, that page has more information about "4 7205" than t-mobile currently has, but hopefully someone there will read that page and do some additional investgating. It is bad enough that carriers charge for texting at all, but to have it attempt to charge you for essentially what are error messages with no real source... well, that's just dumb.

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                      I stopped getting the charges for these "messages" (that I never received) after intervention from Android support - see comment 4. I took them a couple of days to sort this out, but once they did I got a phone call from them that this is resolved. So, at least in the past two weeks there were no mysterious charges.

                      My understanding is that this is not specifict to an account. If that is the case, you should not have such charges posted in the last two weeks or so.

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                        It's an app doing it.


                        We'll take email for an example (probably not one of the culprits, but analogy).


                        Instead of an app going every X minutes to your Internet connection to say "Do I have new mail?" and killing the battery, it just sits and waits for a BREW message from 42705 that informs the app "Hey, you've got mail".  This significantly reduces app processing time, thus making battery life better.


                        The apps are "intercepting" the text messages before they hit Messaging to make them "silent" -- I guess app developers assume people have unlimited text messages.  I'm sure these apps probably have "Messages" listed under the services they require in order to do this.  *shrug* I don't know of any directly that are culprits.


                        T-Mobile is doing their part, I guess, by informing you you're getting these messages to your phone (unlike text messages from Facebook to your phone).  I like to believe all of us with Smartphones have unlimited text plans, so it shouldn't be a problem (coworker of mine is on AT&T and doesn't have a messaging plan because he can't justify the twenty bucks).  Obviously, if one of the few people that have an "interesting" plan that excludes texting got these messages and an additional charge, it's a problem.  But, if it's showing up on our bill and we're not charged extra, big whoop. 


                        [Except in the case of monitoring children's use habits -- obviously if there's a strange short code coming through, would like to find out what it is to make sure they're not doing anything they shouldn't.  But, I don't have children, so I don't particularly monitor anything unless my bill changes]

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                          hi a37

                          im having same problems since i got sg2

                          i been calling t mobile and talked about it but  t mobile agent  dont understand and  it keep show on my  tmobile account.

                          today i called and asked to connect to android support but agent dont connect me there. she told me  she can not do that.

                          agent keep saying that its third party app doing that... wtf  i dont know  why agent keep  saying no and that.

                          im already charged $7 and 19 days  left on  this month billing cycle.

                          anyway, how did u fix the problems??   can u explain little more details. thank u

                          this freakin things  annoying for 2 weeks..

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                            I assume that you got charged for "messages" from 4 7205 that you have never received.

                            I did not have to do anything - it was not due to anything that I installed on the phone. Tech support took care of it on their side. I just described what is going on, they asked questions regarding some specific applications, and fixed it in a couple of days. At that point they were still researching it, so now they can probably fix it for you immediately.


                            I understand your frustration with customer service - they kept repeating the same stuff regarding third party applications, and made suggestions that I should get unlimited messaging or they can block messaging entirely. That is complete nonsense - they cannot force you to get services that you do not want or deny services that you are entitled to. This problem has to be fixed and you should her reimbursed for these charges.


                            There were some suggestions above on setting filters, etc. They maybe solutions for a similar problem, but it sounds different from what I had - the "messages" never appeared on my phone. So, call again, and again (preferably during the day) till they connect you to android support. At least you now know who can fix if for you. I did not. I was just persistent and one of the representatives connected me to android support as a last resort.. Hope you get connected to someone knowledgeable...

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                              thanks for reply

                              i just call t mobile and stupid  xxx agent  repeat same  stuff over and over again,,, i told her that i want to connect to android support  and agent said no again.. what an  axxxx.

                                im more frustrate now... i dont know waht to do in this moment. im tired of keep calling  t mobile

                              anyway u r lucky that they fix the problem..

                              have a good day..

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                                isn't that what I posted up there? *points*

                                Or are you reiterating?

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