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    Printing issues

      I can not get my printer to print via the usb2.0 router port.  Running Windows 10.  Tried various installations and sequences of powering off and on win10 machine, router, and printer.  Router says my printer is available correctly listing it as a HP 5610 Office Jet.  Windows sees the printer on the network.  Printer drivers installed fine.  Nothing prints.  Errror message = printer off line. Printer works fine when connected to laptop

      I am starting to think that the firmware hasnt been uodated in ages for this router and perhaps it just wont work with windows 10.  and I cant revert back to an earlier windows version. The Asus model equivalent has multiple firmware updates.  I;m on


      Also, win10 only sees 2.4GHZ band and Guest mode and not 5.0 band.  Again is this a firmware issue?


      I reached out to ASUS and they wouldnt help stating I need to get support here.  A lengthy online chat w. T-Mo was zero help.


      Anyone using this router to network print successfully installing thru windows 10? or any previous versions?


      I would like to print through my Chromebook or Tablet and totally eliminate my old laptop running win10. Any help would be really appreciated

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          anyone home?  why cant i get support for this device?

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            Also, win10 only sees 2.4GHZ band and Guest mode and not 5.0 band.  Again is this a firmware issue?

            Does your Win10 wireless card support 5.0?  I have a mixture of devices in my house. Some have 5gHz, some don't.


            As for printer, have you tried earlier OS?  It could be your printer doesn't like being networked.  It could be you've configured the virtual port wrong.  It could be the virtual port doesn't like the printer driver.  It could be the printer isn't compatible with the router or any network server.


            The HP 5610 is an All in One.  Those get finicky as networked printers if you're not using the proprietary network hardware.

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              Thanks for reply.


              Yes, those are the things I am trying to find out.  First I would like to know if this is a windows 1o problem, a printer issue, or a router issue.  Cant make something work if it doesnt have the capacity to work


              AS to the dual band problem, I really dont care much about that. I 'upgraded' the machine to win10 and thats when it stopped seeing both bands.


              The only thing I use the windows machine for is to print.  I;m trying to totally free myself from windows and cant seem to do it.  I use chromebooks, android tablet, and android phone.  It is not possible to revert back to an earlier version of windows,

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                ameliaislanded wrote:


                It is not possible to revert back to an earlier version of windows,

                It IS POSSIBLE, however you need the factory restore discs to do a fresh install... If you don't have or didn't create, that's a different story...


                If you have enough RAM, you can install VirtualBox or VMWare on Win10 and create an install of Win2008 server (the install media is out there from Microsoft and you get a 180day trial).  That's Win7 on steroids, so you can try that.


                Officejet 5610 Wireless Setup - HP Support Forum - 677767 says "may work"

                HP Officejet 5610 All-In-One can it be made to go wireless? - HP Support Forum - 137627 says HP's wireless print server works.

                HP Officejet 5610; Can I set this very good printer up to wo... - HP Support Forum - 878847 says no?

                http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Peripherals/Printers_Scanners/Q_27961978.html talks about protocols (LPR vs RAW) -- you need to know which are supported and if configured right, but again suggests no


                But, nothing in my 20 second Google search suggests it works with any ol' router

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                  yes i previously visited those websites.


                  the router comes with its own windows printer server software which i have

                  successfully installed and as I said, the router correctly sees my printer

                  as a hp5610.  It uses LPR not RAW


                  sorry to have not perfectly phrased my earlier windows comment.  i dont

                  have old restore discs, and would not go thru all the effort to install an

                  earlier version of windows just to see if it is why my printer wont work

                  thru the router.  as i said i really dont care about not having dual band

                  since i only am using the windows machine for printing


                  what I might do is install linux on my chromebook after seeing what i can

                  discover about how that might work for my printing issue......but may end

                  up just abandoning this project for the whack that it is


                  thank you for responding


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                    Hey, just wanted to check in and see if you were able to get this printing issue resolved.

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                      Thx for checking in.  No man, I abandoned this project but do have Linux

                      running alonside Chrome OS on my Chromebook so was worthwhile   My

                      windows machine is now a dedicated printer server and backup device. thats

                      all i use it for. not a very elegant solution i know.

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                        Well, at least you got SOMETHING out of this project! As for your windows machine being your dedicated printer server and backup device, the way I see it, functionality can sometimes outweigh elegance. (Then again, it depends on who you ask )