Unsubscribing from T-Mobile TV Prime

    Upon reviewing my bill, I discovered that I was being charged $9.99 per month for T-Mobile TV Prime on 2 devices - my line and my daughter's line. I never signed up for this service on either line. I was able to unsubscribe on my phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) but I don't know how to unsubscribe on my daughter's phone. She used to have a Samsung Galaxy 3, but then I bought her an iPhone 5 from eBay. The iPhone didn't come with the pre-installed app because I didn't buy the phone from T-Mobile. I'm assuming that the monthly charge for the service on her line is due to when she had the Samsung that I did buy from T-Mobile, even though I never signed up for it back then either. Why can't I unsubscribe the service for her line via My T-Mobile instead of only having the impossible option of doing it on her phone?? It's pretty upsetting to find out I've been paying an extra $20 every month for something I've never used and never signed up for! It's bad enough that the coverage sucks - 4G LTE is SLOW and I can only get it outside; as soon as I walk inside my house it goes to "E". WiFi calling often drops calls and there have been many occasions where I didn't receive texts and calls, both when connected to WiFi or 4G. I bet I've been paying this $20 a month "mistake" for years, and it makes me sick to think of all the money I've wasted. Something like this is definitely making me consider changing to another provider.

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