htc one m9 problems and jumping

    In April was told I could Jump due to the fact I was having some issues with my NOTE 4. The representative in the store told the HTC one  M9 was a great phone would be a great change as it was not glitchy or problematic. Well the problems started immediately with the phone including getting so hot it melted a phone case to the phone( it turned it into jelly). Also battery life is terrible will decharge without me using it in about 3 hours . I then called customer service who told me to do a soft boot and then call back in a few days and let them know how it works.  If no improvement then they would send me a new phone. she stated she put a note in the system.I was also told these issues were known problems. I then called back a few days later to let them I know needed the replacement because what we did not did not work. The person I talked told me I had to do a factory reset because she saw the notes and said why would I want a refurbished phone that is going to have more problems and why not work through the issues on my current phone. I told them didnt have time to do a hard reset. I just figured I would wait till I am able to jump. About 2 months later I received a customer satisfaction survey and completed it as very dissatisfied. The next day I received a phone call from customer retention about the survey. Explained to her the issues with the phone. She then told me I could jump on 10/21/2015. So I waited till today. THen I called and was told cannot jump and have to wait till 12/23/2015. Was offered a warranty exchange why would I want to do that after being told by technical support I would be getting a phone with more problems.....Nothing they can do......Well all I have to say is I am very disappointed I was sold a phone which is known to be problematic and then lied to by CUSTOMER RETENTION to help improve the numbers. Way to go TMOBILE for destroying my confidence in your customer service!!!!

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        Re: htc one m9 problems and jumping

        Yikes robmccoin01! This sounds like a poor experience. However, a warranty exchange shouldn't cause more of a headache. We'd rather you get a replacement phone that works instead of continuing to have trouble with your current phone. Were you able to get a replacement in the meantime until you JUMP to another phone?