Stuck on T-Mobile splash screen

    Last night I turned my phone off, and this morning it failed to boot.


    The LG logo appears and then the T-Mobile splash screen, where it then freezes. The phone is stock, running Lollipop, has not been rooted. I've let it sit for over 30 minutes at a time, tried removing the SD and SIM cards, and pulling the battery. T-Mobile support recommended a cache partition wipe, but that is impossible via hardware keys on this phone.


    On a side note, ADB isn't recognizing the phone. Unable to boot into recovery mode with Power + Volume Down or with ADB.


    I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone has any advice, even just some pointers in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Stuck on T-Mobile splash screen

        hardware keys factory reset?

        Master reset: LG Optimus L90


        wiping the cache SHOULD be able to be done in there as well via hardware keys.

          • Thanks for the swift response! Looks like that'll work, I got the menu to come up. Looks like it's just the menu for factory reset, is it possible to access other recovery functions as well? Do you think there's any hope of backing up any personal data before the reset? (namely texts and QuickMemo files)


            If neither of those are possible, looks like I'll be doing a factory reset.


            Thanks again for the response

              • smplyunprdctble

                Re: Stuck on T-Mobile splash screen

                If you cannot get booted, you cannot back up.


                Texts definitely will be gone (I suggest SMS Backup+ to back up texts as they come in to prevent situations like this).  Depending on your other circumstances, you MAY be able to boot with a custom Recovery (twrp?) to allow you to mount if your QuickMemo files are saved onto the data partition.  But, I THINK your bootloader has to be unlocked to do that.

                  • Update: Factory reset didn't work- tried it 4 times, with some time in between. Phone is still stuck on the T-Mobile bootloader screen. ADB still fails to see the device at any time.


                    Any advice? I'd really appreciate it if you know of anything I can do at this point, other than taking it in

                      • smplyunprdctble

                        Re: Stuck on T-Mobile splash screen

                        adb will only see the phone at two different times:

                        - when your phone is completely booted (and you've authorized adb for your pc)

                        - when your phone is in sideload mode


                        on the flipside, fastboot will see your phone when your phone is at the bootloader.


                        If your phone doesn't work after a factory reset, that suggests something went wonky with the OS partition.  T-Mobile may or may not warranty this (especially depending on age of device).  If they do, you'll get a refurbished device (which, based on forum threads may or may not be better).  LG may or may not warranty as well, depending on the age.  They'll repair your actual device and return it.


                        If you have no warranty available, the official answer is "nothing can really be done."  The unofficial answer is "you might be able to flash the original OS, depending on what is required to do that" -- you'd have to search other communities for that as it risks bricking your device and is NOT supported by T-Mobile (I don't even know if this device can even do it)