customer service sucks.

    Went to upgrade my dads phone at this tmobile store on 4631 N. Oracle RD in Tucson. I saw an ad up saying a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was $25 a month for 18 months for a limit of time, so I asked about it. Well the first guy said it wasn't true and he doesn't know why it says that. So he went and ask another guy and this other guy said that's if we had an iphone to trade in. I asked him why and he just tells me to read the fine print. So i did and I went back to him and said I don't see anything about trading in an iphone. He just shrugs and says research it yourself. Now that is great customer service. I've been to this store twice and not once had good customer service.

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      • e2k

        Re: customer service sucks.

        Salespeople at retail stores are notoriously pushy, ignorant, and unreliable. I am sorry to have to say this, and I will also say that most retail store salespeople are actually pretty good. Unfortunately, accounts like this poison the well. TMO really needs to start enforcing some standards at its retail locations.


        Anyhow, if the promotion is for real, I'd arrange the sale online or on the phone. If they try to contradict your, just refer them to the website (or wherever you saw the advertisement).