To Tmo_ryan

    Thanks for your 2nd reply.


    I do not see a "follow" button on your profile page. I can see you followed me and your followers/following in "connections" box but no way to follow you back?? Honestly I looked and looked to make sure I was not overlooking it.


    Sorry to pollute the lounge w/all this. Feel free to email me if you are allowed to view the email I registered with here.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: To Tmo_ryan

        If you go to his profile page (tmo_ryan) then look on the upper right-side, it's there.


        It's in the grey bar, below "Contact Us" and the blue oval that says his points.


        You can also go to his profile page and do a "Find in page" (CTRL-F on most web browsers) and search for "Follow" and it will highlight it.