note 4 marshmallow delayed mid 2016


    Never ends with the note 4 never seen a company dislike a flagship phone so much as Samsung does with the note 4 unreal FYI if you google Galaxy Note 4 6.0 marshmallow update tmobile you will see the article sad very sad

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      • rule1564

        Re: note 4 marshmallow delayed mid 2016

        It's not Samsung. They put out 5.1.1 Internationally, Sprint has updated to 5.1.1 in the beginning of August, the week before we got our StageFright partial fix. T-mobile has decided not to support it, apparently. It's not like Samsung didn't offer it. T-mobile has pushed 5.1.1 in other countries for the Note 4!!! Why not us? We'll never know for sure. But now they are focusing on 6.0. Personally, with the issues I'm hearing the Nexus 5 has with it, I wouldn't want it. I just want 5.1.1 so my phone functions the way it should!

        • douglasf01

          Re: note 4 marshmallow delayed mid 2016

          Maybe its good the 6.0 got delayed, lord knows I dont want to be messing with bugs and issues with another major update.

          • 12/2/2015 @1:40am

            I just read on T-Mobile's website after selecting my phone (Galaxy Note 4) that "T-Mobile & the device manufacturer have agreed to support a new software update" I just downloaded Android 5.1.1 I was wondering where did you read that T-Mobile was waiting until mid 2016? Does anyone know how to get 6.0 Marshmallow without waiting for T-Mobile to push it through? You would think having an expensive phone they'd be on point with updates!