Pictures messages not attaching text Galaxy S6 Edge

    I have the Galaxy S6 Edge. Since the update recently 5.1.1 my phone will not let me add text to a picture. When I put in the text and select to add a picuture it does not give me the option to go back to text box it automatically sends the picture. I've tried going to the picture to share it and it still send without allowing me to attach text. I already factory reset my 1st phone because the tech guy said the update was not attaching to my settings correctly or something like that. T-Mobile sent me a new phone yesterday and right after it updated this morning it is now doing the same thing. My old phone which is only a few months old had absolutely no problems before this update. And now even the brand new one I was sent  is having the same issue. There has also been a lag on the messages app itself and I don't have a messaging app I have the standard messaging app that came with the phone. How can this be fixed?

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