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    Does anyone else want T=Mobile to carry the Lumia 950? Has anyone heard if they will carry the 950? I would really like to buy one as soon as they hit the stores but have not heard anything about who will be selling these phones.

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      • drnewcomb2

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        There may be a few others. For my part, I was happy to give my Lumia 925 to my son. He's pretty much come to the same conclusion that I did: "Nice phone. Where are the apps?"

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          No answers yet, but I hope T-Mobile at least supports the phone on their network with Wi-Fi calling. If they allow the 950 XL on their network, then I'll just go to the M$ Windows store and order an unlocked one for $649, plug in my existing SIM card and hope for the best... you never know with T-Mobile.

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            Yup, I do. I came here for the same question. I love the ability to dock the 950 and use it as a lightweight PC.

            I'd buy a 950 XL unlocked at the Windows store but I'm worried that the Internet sharing and WiFi calling won't work - that's what happened with my Lumia 920 (original ATT). 

            • kpo6969

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              I would kindly ask for an update if the 950 / 950XL will be available on T-Mobile. There are customers that do want windows phone. I myself have the Alcatel Fierce XL Windows 10 phone with T-Mobile, and while it is ok I really like the Lumia's, and had a 640 from T-Mobile prior. I know Alcatel is supposed to be releasing the Idol 4 Pro Windows 10 sometime this year on T-Mobile but wonder how long that will take (or happen at all).

              Any info from T-Mobile would be appreciated.

              Thank you

                • tidbits

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                  Ask Microsoft. Legere called out MS and they admitted they weren't talking to any other carrier other than AT&T. So either you buy it from AT&T or Microsoft. MS did say it was a short term thing, and they do have long term plans.


                  My take. The 950 is nothing more than a windows 10 showcase device as they didn't have the surface phone ready, and needed something out. The Surface phone is their long term plan.