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    blocked iphone

      I have a Premium Handset Protection , In the morning I lost my phone and write the t-mobile about this for change and send me a new phone ( I paid $175) , but in the evening I found my phone and called T-mobile for cancelled my claim. They told what they did not sent me a new phone and what my phone should be unlocked next 24 hours. On the next day in the morning I will have box with new phone, I wrote to t-mobile support and they answered to me ;

      676 E. Swedesford Rd, Suite 300

      Wayne, PA 19087


      Hello Elena,

      Thank you for contacting Assurant Solutions, the service provider for T-Mobile’s Handset Protection. I am sorry that we were unable to cancel your claim before your replacement device was sent out.  Since the package has already been delivered, you can ship it back to us return to sender.  Once we have the device back in the warehouse we will be able to submit a request for a reimbursement of your deductible. For immediate assistance you can contact our Claims Specialists at 1-866-866-6285 with any questions regarding your claim.

      Thank you for allowing us to serve you, we appreciate your business


      In the evening my iphone still was locked and I call to service used the skype

      and they told what they will send me on the 24 hours label for returning the new phone and after when they will have the phone I have to wait 3 BUSINESS DAYS and they Unlock my phone!  On web site t-mobile does not have this information!


      Why when I cancel my claim nobody did not tell me about this? Why when I wrote t-mobile did not sent me label? I paid every month $57 for service, and  one whole week I will be without service (because when t-mobile sent me label , when they get the phone plus 3 BUSINESS DAYS) What I am pay for ? for service what I can use

      Also this phone number is my working and it is mean I losing my client

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          If you're using your phone for business I would always have a back up phone

          for emergencies like this.


          Did you try tracking the phone before reporting it lost?

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            yes, I did it does not have service in this area


            I just sad because I called and t-mobile said it should be 24 hours, and when I have phone , I wrote to ask how and what should I do , and just in the evenin when I called twice they give me information and still did not send label

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              The breakdown in communication most likely can be contributed to the fact that T-Mobile & Assurant wireless are two totally different companies with separate customer service departments. Even though they both attempt to work together, most times that doesn't happen. I would be willing to bet that is what happened with you. Now that you know this maybe it could help you out when dealing with your phone issue. Good luck.