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    Why has CellSpot 5ghz gotten weaker?


      When I installed my CellSpot several months ago, the 5ghz worked as promised. My CellSpot is in my office on the second floor, and when I went into the master bedroom on the first floor and opposite end of the house the 2.4ghz was about 50% and the 5ghz was strong.


      Now the 2.4ghz is still 50%, but the 5ghz doesn't even register on my Galaxy S5 in the master bedroom.


      In my office both show as very strong. I thought the strength of the 5ghz was it goes through walls and supported fast speed. The speed is fine on my laptop in my office. And my Galaxy S5 choses the 5ghz when in my office.


      Is there any reason the 5ghz is not as strong at a distance? I have rebooted my CellSpot and checked the firmware. The CellSpot claims it is up to date.To verfify the signal problem, I gave 5ghz and 2.4ghz different SSID names.


      Could this be a 5ghz radio issue?