My LG G4 is stuck in a boot loop.  I cannot Factory Flash it.


    I've had this phone since the beginning of the summer.  After some initial issues with app responsiveness, the recent updates seemed to have cleared all that up.


    Then, out of nowhere this evening, the phone went into a boot loop that is inescapable!  Is there any way to force a factory reset beyond standard instructions?


    Initially I attempted booting into safe mode, but it wouldn't reach the screen to select a safe boot from being powered off.  I just get the LG screen for about 20 seconds, a blue flash of the notification lamp, and then a boot loop.  My first attempt at prompting a Factory Reset yielded a white rectangular screen that announced it was "optimizing applications 1 of 92" with a teal/green semi-circle.  After about 20 seconds, however, it too went straight into boot loop again.  And now I'm not even getting that screen.


    I am fairly certain the phone is not recoverable, but I'm hoping someone may have further information.  Most instances of this I've seen reported online end with the person having to replace the phone.

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      • dougc

        Doesn't sound promising.  Long shot, but if  you have an SD card in the phone, try removing it.  I also had a Samsung S4 that got into a bootloop because the power button got stuck on.  I haven't seen any reports of that problem on the G4, though. If you can get it into download mode, you could try flashing the factory image.  That gets pretty technical and won't help if there is a hardware problem.  Most likely, you will end up having to exchange it.

        • miclflores

          I believe this is a bigger problem than LG want to admit.  If you have no physical damage they will replace under your warranty no questions asked.  Even though I do have a crack in my screen, this issue is clearly happening to people without any physical damage.  There is obviously something wrong with something else, either the flash memory or motherboard from what I've been reading.


          We need to make sure we contact both LG and T-mobile about this issue so they can recall it or whatever it is they do.  If my car has a dented door but there is a recall on the axle or brakes, they don't care about the dent, they just fix the recall issue.  It isn't right that they get out of their error over something like a cracked screen when people all over the world use cracked screens daily with no issues.



          • Same issue here. Build date is May for mine. S/N 505. Seems like most of the defective units were built in May with the S/N starting with 505. 5=2015 and 05=May from what I've read. 

            • I have been having the same problem. My G3 did it too. I have had my G4 for 4 months and now it is doing the reboot thing. Its turned on and been fine like 8 times. But then it shuts off and starts over. I have most of my stuff, just none of my recent pictures because they didnt back up. Any luck being able to get it to work?

              • I've been having the same problem as of a few hours ago.  My phone fell screen first onto concrete (no damage to the screen, just some on the bezel), but worked fine for another few hours.  It's gotten as far as the Android upgrade screen saying it's optimizing 12 out of 84 apps, but always crashes.


                  I am having this problem as well with my G4 and their is no damage to it at all. I am calling T-Mobile about this because a new phone like this should not operate like this without a solution.

                  • drakenfx

                    If your Device serial number  starts in "507 " or before  "509" (take note devices starting  in 509 as far as I know this issue been fix) probably is one of the defective devices (faulty Motherboard ) you're  better of replacing the device.

                    • hirammrom

                      Had the same issue on two phones in a span of 30 days. Still waiting on my manuf. replacement but I just wanted to point out that I've successfully managed to get the phone to boot 3x today after going into the reboot loop.


                      After going into the loop I plugged it in and left it charging for a while. It continues on the boot loop until it charges completely, at that point it boots with the message to unplug since the battery is fully charged. Still can't tell if this is a hardware or software issue but at least for now I am able to sporadically use my phone...

                      • shuttlebill

                        Well, I should have responded to this thread ages ago.


                        I was given a replacement by T-Mobile.  And it was great.  Until today.  It just went belly-up boot loop on me.  @Drakenfx, the replacement was a "506"!  There's probably something to that.


                        I will follow up with T-Mobile once more, referencing all the articles where LG is admitting the failure point.


                        Thanks for your support, everybody!  It was a great help.  Have a wonderful 2016 & Happy Valentines!

                        • jtrembly1

                          My LG G4 started doing the same thing today.  T-Mo is replacing the device.  My serial number begins with "505".  I can't even get the phone to the factory reset point.@shuttlebill

                          • shuttlebill

                            2nd Final Result:

                            My replacement unit was also replaced by T-Mob.  Great job!  The new unit is after the "509" watermark.  I need to check the wife's that I obtained in December, but she hasn't had any symptoms.


                            My new unit just went through the System Update.  Fingers crossed, but I think we've finally resolved this.


                            Thanks everyone!



                              • winta

                                This started happening to me a little over a week ago. It would just stay on the logo screen or just reboot itself nonstop. While on the phone with a rep the phone started back up and she wanted me to restart it (bad idea..) didn't start up. I tried hard factory reset but after attempt after attempt I'd get to the factory reset screen and when Id try to confirm the reset it would freeze. So Took me a few hours but it booted up. I went straight to factory reset. While it was on the "erasing" screen it restarted. I removed the battery and it was booting again fine. I did the reset again and it worked. Or so I thought. I restarted the phone several times to make sure the phone was fine. I was in the clear...until it did it again. I just got a replacement but since it had a Crack in the corner I had to pay. Plus they refused to give me back my brown leather back. Not sure I like this.

                              • mmdorian

                                Just happened to mine and awaiting a new phone. Hope LG reimburses me for the 20 warranty processing fee the t-mobile store charged me.

                                • hoagys

                                  I had an LG G3 that had this issue so I upgraded it in December to an LG G4. And now, less than 5 months later, it is doing the exact same thing. Now another trip to T-Mobile to get this one resolved. :-(

                                  • jbyron07

                                    Is there any way to fix this problem? My phone recently cut off and didn't restart, so I took it to tmobile and they said they wouldn't send me a new phone using the warranty because the lens is cracked and that I have to pay 175.00 and claim it on my insurance. So im here trying to see if there is another way or if I should just get a different phone, possibly a different company. I have been with tmobile for 5 years and no one could help me out this is ridiculous.

                                    • shuttlebill

                                      Folks, if you have physical damage to your phone, I doubt T-Mobile is going to want to cover that.  If you are having the boot-loop issue related to LG's announced/admitted defect, you shouldn't have to pay a dime.  Contact LG directly if you're not getting the answers you should be hearing from T-Mobile.

                                      • certifiedsamuel

                                        Don't you think the issue with the phone could be hardware related? I experienced same issue and i tried flashing in a new rom. I literally followed all the flashing instructions i could find online but all to no avail.


                                        However, loosening all the screws on the phone and re-screwing them back with emphasizes on the camera region, fixed it.


                                        Credit goes to this page for the information.

                                        • huyhoang

                                          We bought 2 LG G4 in 12/1995.  Both had this issue: one in 02/2017 and one 2 months later.  They were manufactured in 09/2015.  At this time, this issue is very very well-known.  There is even a lawsuit against it

                                          LG G4 Bootloop Problem: Class-action lawsuit filed over G4 bootloop fail


                                          I contacted T-Mobile local store but got no help although they seemed to know the above issue.

                                          Although it was over 12-month for the warranty I decided to contact LG directly to request the repair and glad I did.

                                          LG Mobile Repair - Request a Repair


                                          Fortunately, LG accepted to repair both as  under warranty.  My customer service experience with LG  was excellent.  A lot better than T-Mobile, which does not stand to defend for their customer (I bought my LG G4 thru T-Mobile) and let the customers fight this battle themselves although the issue is pretty black and white at this time: it is the hardware defect.

                                          For folks, who have this issue with LG G4, don't hesitate to contact LG directly using the repair request link above.  They won't charge you anything to ship. They even ship back to you free if they found something at your fault (phone cracked) and you didnot agreed to pay for the repair.

                                          My next cell phone will be still LG.  But I will consider to switch to other service provider that have better customer service, and would stand up to fight for their customers if the manufacturer is at fault