Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

    We have been T-Mobile customers for 8 years or so now. Before they became popular the customer service was amazing. They are still very nice, but the knowledge is very low. I have had several issues this year, all that had to be resolved by the Customer Loyalty Department. Representatives no longer have the correct information and make it up if they do not have it. My last issue, the Customer Loyalty Department had to have the phone call pulled and they verified I was given incorrect information.


    Today, I decided that due to the upgrades to the messaging service, I would transfer my Google Voice Number back to T-Mobile to replace the current number (I have masked it with my GV number). I spoke to a woman named Nina from the "transfer center" this morning at 9:36am. She seemed to have no clue what Google Voice is or what I was trying to do. I repeated myself several times. She had pulled up my account, yet still said "Welcome to T-Mobile." This alone was a sign to me that she was not listening to me. She claimed she understood what I was saying, but then advised me to carry both devices with me until the change. Again, made no sense since GV is not a physical phone.  I finished up with her and immediately called back to verify that she had taken the information correctly. At 7:40pm, I called again as I do not trust the representatives at this point. The gentlemen told me that it was in Google's hands and they were just waiting for them. I logged into GV to find the following message:

    1. Warning: Google Voice has successfully approved your request, but the carrier to whom you are porting hasn't completed their necessary action. If you are still having issues and your number doesn't successfully port in 2-3 business days, please contact your new carrier for support, as Google Voice is unable to take any additional action.

    I called the Customer Loyalty Department at 7:40pm and the woman I spoke with assured me that she would not get off the phone until she got an answer. She called the activation department and found that it was in fact in T-Mobile's hands. Yet again, I was given incorrect information by a T-Mobile Rep. After I spoke with her and she assured me it would be done within the 24 hours as promised, I found out that the original representative, Nina, left a voicemail at 8:08pm on another line on the account. Keep in mind, she wrote down my number in case we got disconnected. Her message stated that Google had approved the transfer, but she was unsure if we wanted a new line or if it was going on an existing line.


    Now, I am on the phone with Customer Loyalty and I had to share my story again to yet another representative. I do not understand why t-mobile is hiring representatives that do not know how to do their jobs. I am not upset at this point. I am actually angry.


    Today, I tried to convince my cousin to switch her 4 lines to T-Mobile as most of the 8 years have been great. The representative who answered the phone told me that T-Mobile would pay the early termination fees. I asked about moving their iPhone 6s from Verizon to T-Mobile. She said it would not be a problem as iPhone 6s have all antennas in them. I put my sim card in both phones to verify, called Verizon to check their services, looked up the plans on t-mobiles web site and wrote down all the information for my cousin on how to change it. I spent 2.5 hours doing this for her only to find out that the representative who knew she had iPhones from Verizon failed to tell me that she would need to trade those in to pay off the early termination fees. That made the deal completely not worth it and yet more time wasted by mobile.

    And as an update, the Customer Loyalty Department gentlemen just blind transferred me to the transfer department. They did not have the request correct at all. She could not explain to me why it was not done correctly. She stated that she was inputting it correctly and it now showed correct in her system.


    I am in shock at how much time I have spent both insuring that t-mobile representative did their jobs correctly today and how much time I wasted on trying to get my cousin to move over to the service.


    I really don't know if I can keep this service.

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        Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

        Did you pay Google? From what I remember you need to pay $3 to initiate the port and also pay $36 for a new number. If you don't they will hold the port because they will not assign a new number. They don't cancel the account and are not subject to porting rules like carriers. It might have changed now but from what I remember when I ported my number out that's how much I paid.

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            Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

            If what I just said still holds true T-Mobile is trying to help you but can't because Google has the disconnect. T-Mobile can only do so much.

              • I originally ported my number from T-Mobile to Google Voice. I paid them to do this and since I already did they waive the fee. T-Mobile has admitted that they did not put it through correctly. I appreciate your optimism however, T-Mobile is in the wrong. I do not have to pay for a new number either. They are a VOiP service and T-Mobile is required to complete the port within 24 hours. I have done my research and I am certain that this is not being done correctly by T-Mobile.


                "Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being transferred without your approval. Before you can port your Google Voice number to another service provider, you need to unlock it first. There is a one-time $3 fee to transfer your number out of Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers into Google Voice, the fee is waived." Transfer your number out of Google Voice - Google Voice Help


                "FCC number porting rules require "simple" ports to be processed in one business day. The deadline applies to all simple ports, including "intermodal" ports such as wireline to wireless, wireless to wireline, wireline or wireless to VoIP or any other combination. Simple ports generally do not involve more than one line or more complex adjustments to telephone switching equipment." Keeping Your Telephone Number When Changing Service Providers |

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                    Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

                    The last link does NOT apply to everyone. Google is not a traditional provider and there are exemptions. Google fits in that exemption.

                    All I remember I had to pay the fees and there were not waived for me. That's pretty awesome they did for you.

                      • I understand you are trying, but you are not correct. Google is a VoIP service and is included as a simple transfer. As we have hit 24 hours and it has been escalated even further, all parties at T-Mobile admit that this has not been done correctly. As a loyal T-Mobile Customer for 8 years, I came to this forum for support that this was not common. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me understand why their customer service has gone downhill is not following the rules provided by the FCC.

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                            Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

                            Google is not a major provider and they are an exemption. Just because Google is a big company doesn't mean they are a major provider. If it takes Google a week it takes them a week. They don't have to adhere to that 24 hour rule. Let me see if I can find the verbiage.  I want to add Google support isn't all that great.

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                                Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

                                I am going to use this provider for example as they specifically point at Google when porting 5-14 days.  There's a specific reason for this.  It's actually a lot more common.  Rarely do people port away from Google Voice than they do port to Google voice.  It most has to do with the fees porting out.  I waited 5 days when I ported my number to AT&T from Google Voice.


                                  • I have had similarly terrible experiences with T Mobile customer service. Representatives are generally very nice, but many simply have no clue how to do their jobs. Ordering our new iPhone 6S Plusses proved to be a nightmare. I am going to have to refuse delivery on one of our phones because various reps screwed up my order (the first got my credit card info wrong, the next ordered the wrong model, the third didn't put it in as a Jump order). Even though I was assured on 9/14 that the incorrect order would be cancelled, it wasn't and so I'm out that money until T Mobile gets the phone back at their warehouse.


                                    I was able to get some monetary recompense for all the time I've wasted on the phone with various reps, but honestly, this is just no way to run a business. I am not sure I am going to be able to remain with T Mobile after we have our new phones paid off. Given that nearly every carrier will give you some sort of credit or cash or debit card to cover the cost of termination, I think at the end of one more year I will be carefully weighing my options.

                                  • You are not being helpful. T-Mobile tech support is sending it to an engineer. This is their fault. I don't know how to make that more clear.

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                                        Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

                                        just because they are sending an engineer doesn't mean it's their fault that's all I am saying. This is a common occurrence when porting OUT of Google Voice.  It takes an average of 3 days to do so.

                                          • You must work for t-mobile as well. Thank you for your time, but you can move on to another feed.

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                                                Re: Deals Going Up, Customer Services Going Down

                                                Sorry I do not work for T-Mobile. I have done MULTIPLE ports with Google Voice however and I speak from experience.  Like I said before I have done this before and if you actually searched you'll find the average to port OUT of Google Voice is 5 days doesn't matter what carrier.  There are even times it takes up to 14 days. You don't have to believe me, but the information is out there.  It's more common than you think.

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                                                    Tidbits is correct with regards to porting numbers; they're not bound by FCC and while they are using simple VoIP, they're not subject to all of the same constraints. The fact that T-Mobile is hustling for you despite the nature of your request only speaks well to them.


                                                    This is a case of where the company takes ownership and liability for a situation that they don't have control over. Kind of like when a car insurance company writes you a check even though the guilty party isn't cooperating with their investigation, or when a retail store gives a customer a discount over a complaint even though it's the customer who is mistaken.


                                                    I just switched to T-Mobile, had a few hiccups with the RMA and Wi-Fi calling, but customer support straightened them right out. They did a great job.


                                                    Having worked in a call center, I would definitely say that the piece that is being left out is how the reps were treated. I was helpful as could be when I answered the phone, but customers who got in my face only made me shut them down even harder.


                                                    Per your request: "I would appreciate it if anyone could help me understand why their customer service has gone downhill is not following the rules provided by the FCC."


                                                    It hasn't. And they are. Evidence supporting both has been provided and you've chosen to reject it. no one can make you accept it; however dismissal of valid evidence does not invalidate it. Case closed. Remember, you are dealing with real, live human beings, not machines. If you're bringing an uncommon situation to them to assist with, you might get far better service with patience and a few kind words. It's amazing how far it gets you with tech support when you say "It's fine, take your time. You're the one helping me and I appreciate it."

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                                                        I've also worked in call centers. It is not an easy job, and depending on the position, you may be given new procedures on a near daily basis. Sometimes even the supervisors and managers will contradict one another. Even if you know every policy perfectly, that does not prevent snags from occurring.


                                                        I understand your concerns and empathize with what you're going through. As TMO continues to grow, we will likely see more of these kinds of situations come up. We all want and expect good service. Unfortunately, expectations are not always realized, especially when dealing with large corporations. You might very well have had a similar experience porting from Google to ATT or VZW.

                                                          • I don't even know why I bothered to go on this forum. The request was made first thing in the morning and was not even entered until 10:30 at night. This was confirmed. T-Mobile made a mistake. Get over it.

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                                                              Well said. Customers have a lot more choice in the quality of service they receive than they realize. Calming down and going cutting people a little slack can go an amazingly long way. Twice now I've had T-Mobile call center employees PROFUSELY thank me for being calm and patient. You can tell they spend their days being yelled at. I remember those days; I would rather be a live field-tester for bullet proof vests than ever work in a call center again.


                                                              I find it interesting how this thread is based on asking for an answer to a question which the OP had really already decided for themselves. It's obvious that they're just looking for people to agree with them, not to have a proactive discussion. They just got more frustrated when everyone didn't just lay down and take it like the customer support team has to.


                                                              I think they're right; I don't even know why they came to this forum either. Heck, if their problem is so dire, I don't even know why they're still with this carrier. Go pay more for less at VZW if T-Mobile is so bad. This is a place to look for answers, not demand that strangers on the internet be your "yes-men". When it comes down to it, I'm fairly sure they treated the customer support team exactly like they're attempting to treat the rest of us. I'm not even remotely surprised their issue is still outstanding.


                                                              My opinion remains unchanged. Go T-Mobile. You rock.