It appears OnePlus has had update version 9.5.10 out for several weeks now and T-Mobile has yet to send update out to their customers. The last two updates from T-Mobile have been only security… (Show more)
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I've been told by OnePlus support that their new OnePlus 7 Pro phone is 5G compatible.   However, I've also read that OnePlus is coming out with a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G model later this year.   When I… (Show more)
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There has been at least 2 security updates since May 1st. June 12th and June 20th. Still says up to date May 1 2019. I bought this from a client. Why is this not updating and any fix! Love the phone… (Show more)
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When will we get a timeline for the Pie Update?  I was hoping that LG's new software center would make it possible to get earlier updates.  That was their story.  I appreciate any information that… (Show more)
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