I just bought an unlocked Palm phone (PVG100) from eBay. Love the form factor, text/data/vm seems to work, but hate the battery life. Constantly swapping which phone the SIM resides in is a pain. I… (Show more)
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When I click on "Usage" the Usage Overview begins to load but never stops. This happens on all my devices. Is the T Mobile site having issues?
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Anyone know how to remedy when SMS/MMS are not being delivered from the network?   My phone is often off, either over night or while I'm at work.  When I restart it, it typically does not… (Show more)
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magenta5827174 page is not opening. Is there a problem with the web site? Is this option temporally down?
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I'm having issues with my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 not being able to send or receive picture messages. What are the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android version 8.0 Network settings? The only settings that I… (Show more)
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I have Moto G7 Power that was doing this. Where this setting may vary for you depending on your phone. Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Network> Advance>Perferred network type> LTE… (Show more)
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My prepaid service started with TMobile and July 8th. I have been charged for the service but my number has not ported over,$5 Canada and Mexico add on option does not show up on my account and I… (Show more)
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Cellular callers get a busy signal or my T-Mobile voicemail when calling my forwarded AT&T landline number.  Started in December 2018.  AT&T said they have checked everything including my C.O.… (Show more)
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Picked up new phone that is unlocked. Unlock icon says unlocked. How can I transfer ownership to me. Do not have T Mobile Account. Advice appreciated. Thanks
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The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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Getting to know you is great aid in building a stronger relationship and shaping the Un-carrier experience... and Get to Know Your Customers Day is coming up this Thursday, July 18th! So don't be… (Show more)
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