Hello, as many others have posted I have encountered the Oops we hit a snag error when trying to upgrade or buy a new phone my issue occurs when I try to change my shipping address during checkout… (Show more)
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I am surprised there are no loyalty benefits. Our family has been with Tmobile for 15Years. There is no Loyalty discount, credit and or benefits.   Not asking for $0 down.... we can get that… (Show more)
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here any problem with t mobile I'm not able to open websites for example if I visit valentine wishes    then again I'm not able to log in the same as google onces I visit then it's not working… (Show more)
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I have swapped from my physical sim card to my esim card on my android device and now I cant send text message with the error "failed to send the message".   Other features include making calls,… (Show more)
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Hello. I have an unsolvable problem, but maybe someone will help me here. I bought iphone 6s on ebay two years ago. The seller said that the phone is unlocked and he will send me an unlock code. But… (Show more)
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I've had this plan for many years but recently it seems like T-Mobile is trying to squeeze me out.  For years I only get charged $1 on days the phone is used;  This means ONLY if I make or answer a… (Show more)
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I purchased a $75 prepaid SIM which was supposed to come with 1 month of service. I followed the directions on the package for activation. During the process I was never asked for an activation code… (Show more)
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Hi.   I updated my software this morning to Version G975USQS2BSIV / G975UOYN2BSIV / G975USQS2BSIV.  I played my music from my Galaxy S10+ SD card on my car, via bluetooth connection.  My music… (Show more)
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Hello,   I'm hoping TMobile or a user can provide me some answers, as no one has been able to so far...   I'm an avid dumb phone user. I've happily had a nokia 3310 3G (a phone which came out in… (Show more)
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Hi,   I bought a T-Mobile pre-paid phone/SIM whilst I visited the U.S.   I was told that since I paid the amount required the phone would be unlocked.   The customer care representative charged me… (Show more)
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So when my son calls my iPhone from our house Ooma phone, I can hear him but he can’t hear me. After that I hang up and then make an outgoing call to the Ooma phone at our house. My son answers and… (Show more)
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