Hello,   First off before you read this, I want you to know, I love T-Mobile, and Ive been with you guys for a very very long time.   I need help, and I am hoping a T-Force can help me (with better… (Show more)
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Called about my bill and after being transferred from a business account customer service rep to a non-business account customer service rep who couldn't help me, and then back to a business account… (Show more)
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I was standing at a Redbox kiosk attempting to claim my free rental when the T-Mobile Tuesday app crashed, repeatedly. I rebooted the phone it still crashed. I had to drive home to access T-Mobile… (Show more)
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Can owners of the S7 reasonably expect an Oreo update in February?
in Android products
I switched from Verizon and was told I would be reimbursed for my phone at max of 650.00 and etf of 175.00.  I went on line and stated there was a problem and someone would be calling soon.  Didn't… (Show more)
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On my LG phone, I cannot access the call button or my contacts. I have already did a factory reset, but it still does it. When I hit call, it is on for one second, then goes back to the home screen.… (Show more)
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how can i get a account and new phone when i already have an account.         *edited to remove tag - Marissa
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oWHy do i lost some usage i my line there any way i can duplicated
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This place totally screwed me and my family.  First i could not receive service in my house right in the heart of downtown San Jose. Then they kindly sent me signal extender boxes, which didn't work… (Show more)
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How do you greet in touch with a specific person once they tell you that they will contact you to resolve a  issue... but they don't.  I was promised a call back, didn't happen.  I spent over 2hrs… (Show more)
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