Find the answers to your need-to-knows about pre-ordering your new Samsung Galaxy Note9 below! Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Check out our Official Samsung Galaxy Note9 Pre-order…
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Hey, T-Mobile Community! Not sure if you all know this, but August is home to two pretty amazing holidays! On 8/8, we have "World Cat Day", and on 8/26, we have "National Dog Day". We know that cats… (Show more)
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We're all looking for a team to join, right? This month, we're proud to bring you an opportunity to rep your side in the ultimate showdown: Cats Vs Dogs! And if your team (Team Cats or Team Dogs,… (Show more)
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My previous LG phone, running Android 4, would send text messages over blue tooth to my cars' blue tooth enabled radios. The LG K30 with Android 7 does not. The one radio even says the device is not… (Show more)
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Sometimes, like our clothes, music, job, etc...our vehicle represents a character trait or set of personality descriptors.   It might be the color or style, the type of fuel or lack thereof, an… (Show more)
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Everyone remembers their first Overwatch match. You were excited, nervous, and probably Ice Walled at exactly the right (wrong) time. In the spirit of firsts, it's time to capture history with the… (Show more)
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Does my data lower when I'm not using the internet on my j7 prime? How can I fix it?
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Since the last update I have noticed phone calls dropping after the line connects to the other called but within 1 to 3 seconds. This occurs on both outgoing and incoming calls.   My service is at 4… (Show more)
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My "Check USB Port" notification has been on for 5 days now and won't go away. The phone is definitely completely dry and I have tried turning it off an on again multiple times. In fact, I have to… (Show more)
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