Says your support is not available anymore. Website support says "You are no longer logged in. Log in again to view the conversation." in the middle of trying to fix my phone. Can't call because… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
I recently moved to the UK after spending nearly 6 years in America using T-Mobile. i have fully purchased my phone and have taken it back to the UK with me. I have bought a UK SIM card but when I… (Show more)
in Account & services
im wondering if I can see any of my messages through the T-Mobile website, I recently lost my phone and Haven’t had it for over a week and have important messages coming in
in Account & services
Everything looks fine on the hotspot's web interface, and there's plenty of 4G signal strength and a valid SIM card, but when I hit "connect" it spins for a while and then comes back "fail." This… (Show more)
Can someone pls help me retrieve an automatically deleted voicemail? I thought it gets deleted after 30 days, but just learned it's after 14 days.
in Account & services
Have been talking with support for problems making or receiving phone calls at home.  Internet works OK.  I am using a booster to increase signal strength and normally we get two to three bars.  So… (Show more)
in Network & coverage
Currently I am on Pay As You Go. Am thinking of changing to Simply Prepaid for a couple of months. Then I would be out of the country for a few months when it would make sense to move back to Pay As… (Show more)
in Account & services
I mean really note 8 oreo updates has rolled out for everyone but me seems like.. what's going on anyone else with this problem?
in Android products
Hi,   I'm running into an issue where an application which works over WiFi is not working over the T-Mobile network. It used to work just fine. Someone mentioned it could be an IPv6 issue on their… (Show more)
in Apple products
Can I download a history of missed calls? It appears only incoming calls that have usage time - at least 1 minute - appear in the call records. Thank you.
in Account & services
Hi ,   I will be travelling to Greece and Ukraine , will my phone work there, and what are the rates for calls , text, data?   thank you
in Network & coverage
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