I understand the basics of using the phone while traveling overseas, but have some specific questions:   1. When someone calls us from the USA while we are traveling, will they incur long distance… (Show more)
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Okay - so I downloaded my T-Mobile app a while ago, but after the update it doesn’t work properly anymore. my phone is an iPhone X with ios 12. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it but it just… (Show more)
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I've got a legacy account for my emergency phone @ 10cents a minute. My balance is $44,my minutes available show 225.Do the math.
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We transitioned to T-mobile with the #getoutofthered campaign which seemed like an excellent way to get away from Verizon. We were also stoked about the promise to pay off the remainder of our phone… (Show more)
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Hi I am having issue where calling this number 619xxx-xxxx redirects to my number the number used to be part of Lakeside LandCo but then shutdown and when calling that number it redirects to my own… (Show more)
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I want to compare prepaid vs postpaid plans.I may already be seeing what I want to know, but I can't tell prepaid from postpaid based on the plan names. Usually I can find anything I want online but… (Show more)
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Preamble: I live and work in a large metropolitan area, quite central.  Despite this fact, and contrary to T-Mobile's claims on its "coverage map", T-Mobile service for my phone is beyond unreliable… (Show more)
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When I open the Digits app on my LG G5 to send SMS, I get a "Not Registered" error when I hit send.  To fix this I can go into settings for that line and turn "line state" to off and then back on. … (Show more)
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Hello,   Is there anyone else out there having this issue with their Samsung Note 9?   On the edge panels the Yahoo Finance app isn't working. It doesn't allow me to add a stock. When I attempt to… (Show more)
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As soon as the ios 12.0.1 update was complete for my iphone 7s all my wireless calls have been dropping.  To date no wi fi calls have dropped.  It almost looks as if as soon has the signal status has… (Show more)
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T-Mobile Tuesday HotelStorm Promo ($220 off 4 night Stay)   They charged my credit card, and then says unable to finalize booking.   Refreshed the page, and prompt says either 'this room is… (Show more)
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