So tmobile came to my job and convinced my wife and I to switch from verizon to tmobile. We took advantage of the bogo free galaxy deal. At that point we were told to keep our old devices and new… (Show more)
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Hey, T-Mobile Support Community! Today is National Scavenger Hunt day, and we're celebrating with a contest for Community pros ready to show off their blazing fast navigation skills and fresh users… (Show more)
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When I try to use live chat it says I'm not logged in but I am logged in what do I do?
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I called up TMobile on May 8. The price I was offered for switching my 4 lines from AT&T was $140. I signed up. The SIMs arrived 2 days later and I activated my phone. When I got my bill on May 17,… (Show more)
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I have have switched from Verizon to Tmobile using the GetOutOfTheRED and was amazed at how seamless that switch was.  That was a handful of moths ago, I am not 100% sure but I could have swore that… (Show more)
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I have just switched from sprint to T-Mobile motivated for the great deals they have for new customers. my question to the community is have you also have experience issues with promotions they have… (Show more)
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I spend most of the year outside of the US, but when I return I like to use the same phone number to make it easier on all my friends and family. Thing is, $60/month for something I only use 2-3… (Show more)
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I have been a customer of T-mobile since I can remember. It has been literally my only wireless carrier my entire adult life. But I am canceling our plan now and never paying another dollar to… (Show more)
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I need of pin code to do my military verify .
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I want to know how to change the keyboard on my phone.  I am not sure how it changed, but I can't voice text.  The microphone icon is gone and I have this square button, that almost looks like a… (Show more)
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I've pretty much given up on the idea of addressing the problem. It's been this bad since LTE rolled out. And apparently I don't live in an area that's worth servicing.  Though from things I've read… (Show more)
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