Sorry if such question has been asked... I just have not seen one. I have installed and have been testing DIGITS. In principle functionally it seems to work on various devices as expected. The issue… (Show more)
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Has anyone been able to recently purchase and use more than 1 international data pass within a 10 days period without customer service intervention?
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I want an address I can write and email to. I had a terrible run around from tech service and am extremely unhappy. I will terminate my business service if this is not resolved promptly.
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Hey T-Mobile Community! Whether you found this discussion on your own (because you're an expert Community explorer), or you came here from our blog, the question is the same: are you ready for… (Show more)
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I was logged into the DIGITS app for quite a number of months, but yesterday when I opened the app it required me to agree to the terms and login. When I tried to login, it gave an error saying… (Show more)
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I've had T-mobile for years now and ALWAYS missed a lot of both SMS AND MMS. It seems to be getting worse. DontD tell me it's my phone. It happens to all of my family. 5 different people on 3… (Show more)
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we ordered an iPhone 8 in September and still haven’t received it and when we go into a store they say there is nothing they can do
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Id rather not go into details about how I was lied to over the phone to get me to signup rather I need to make sure the information I’m given on how to cancel is correct. I purchased services on the… (Show more)
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Hi,   My 85 year old dad is on my plan and is current flip phone is failing.   Are there any flip phones or other non-smart phones available for purchase?   Thanks, Carol
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On 25 Jan 2018 and 09 Feb 2018 my family was hit with fraud. Two phones were ordered without our knowledge. One is a IPhone 8 and the other one is an IPhone 8 plus. My daughter was notified on 25 Jan… (Show more)
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So I'm a current T-Mobile customer w/ Simple Choice and I'm looking to take advantage of the 4 T-Mobile One lines for $35/each offer. Currently, 2 of my lines are locked into EIP's, 2 are not (phones… (Show more)
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