Hey, T-Mobile Community! Welcome to February. This chilly first month of the year that doesn't feel like an eternity (we don't miss you, January) might not always have the same number of days, but it… (Show more)
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Hi, I placed an order for a SIM kit and as part of that order put in all my information to port my landline number. Received the SIM kit and although it said it would be active, when I put it into… (Show more)
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I have the 15$ Stateside features, and i'm calling always to international numbers, some of them, connects immediately, and start charging me, and broadcast me a voice message: If you want to… (Show more)
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Why is the app not working? Please fix it! It keeps kicking u out after u log in!! :/
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Hi,   I am considering purchasing an Apple Watch with GSM.   During one of my conversation with a rep, or I have read that somewhere, it says that the Apple Watch will get a different number than… (Show more)
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I have an S8 Active still undre warranty.  The battery is starting to swell and the back cover separating.  T-Mobile says they can't do a warranty swap (both in person and in the store) and say I… (Show more)
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I previously had no issues receiving these types of texts on my old phone. Is the new phone for some reason not designated as primary? How do I fix or check this.
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I had a "Simple Choice" plan and could always use the free -hour and free texting, T-Mobile recently switched my plan to T-Mobile Essentials, claiming that it would not change ANYTHING, now I cannot… (Show more)
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I just updated Visual Voicemail from the play store.  As soon as I try to start it, it says it has stopped.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it does the same thing.  When I reboot the… (Show more)
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I ported a number over to T-Mobile and they say the port is complete.  If  I dial out from my device it shows the number I ported, but if someone calls the number, it still rings to the old number. … (Show more)
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