I'm in Buffalo, New York.  When I dial 611 or the full support number all I get is Spanish speaking information.  Is T-Mobile a United States company? 
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On the No Credit Check plans, does canceling during your billing cycle (say, 10 days in) require you to pay out the rest of that billing cycle?   If so, can you provide me something that says that… (Show more)
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Hi all.   I got a ZTE MF915 and SIM for T-Mobile. It is a little bit older hot spot but has name of T-Mobile at front panel. I was quite sure it should work until yesterday. My friend brought it… (Show more)
I just recently moved to T Mobile from AT&T and I brought my Galaxy phones with me.  Everything works fine in the US, but when I travel abroad, I cannot pickup my voicemail messages.  When I call the… (Show more)
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Dear user group, I have been sprint customer for long time and have had Note 5 and been outside of USA and no issue getting connected to other network in other countries. Then i upgraded to Note-8… (Show more)
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I have a brand LG G7   Device is clear, paid off, verified by Tmobile that it can be unlocked. Clean IMEI, etc   10-12 reps, 2 superviosors and 4 tech support reps are unable to help unlock this… (Show more)
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I'm using a Pixel2XL on T-Mobile and the native Visual Voicemail (built into the Google Phone app) will not activate. The VM tab does show, and I have the option checked in the menu settings for the… (Show more)
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A couple of months ago I noticed incoming calls forwarded from another number would not go to voicemail. The caller hears it ring several times then gets a busy signal. Here are the three scenarios… (Show more)
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I am currently running and htc 10 with oreo. My hotspot is turning off after about 15 minutes. In the hotspot settings I have already turned the power to "always on". After about 15 minutes the data… (Show more)
I have had blank screens on every part of the my.tmobile site for months! I don't even remember what it looks like because every time I log on, if I can even log on, all I get is this:… (Show more)
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OKay so the current deal is trade in an eligible phone when you add another line and get a phone for fee i.e. Iphone XR, S9 etc. or get up to $750 dollars towards another phone. I chatted with a rep… (Show more)
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