When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.   Software… (Show more)
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Hi, I have a new sim card and one tmobile activation code. How I can to activate it? I can't find a special link on the
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I would like to connect a Win 10 PC to the Internet using the mobile hotspot. On my iPhone if I go to Settings/Personal Hotspot it shows my WiFi Password for my Mobile Hotspot, but when I  go to WiFi… (Show more)
My cellphone and my daughter's are both on T-Mobile (though not the same plan).  I have an iPhone SE; my daughter has an Alcatel Flip.   My SMS / text messages to my daughter will randomly get… (Show more)
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I received and configured my LTE Gateway, TM-RTL0102 about a week ago. It works almost perfectly. Speeds are solid, both up and down. Only problem is that port forwarding isn't working. I've got the… (Show more)
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T-mobile usage shows incoming and outgoing texts between my husband and I that lasted all day up to almost 4am. I was asleep during that time. From the usage under his number it shows we were talking… (Show more)
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J'ai reçu un téléphone dont le réseau est vérouillé au réseau T-mobile, comment faire pour dévérouiller cela?
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When the SPL 2019-08-05 will be available for following Baseband? The following software updates page for Galaxy S9+ even does't show the baseband G965USQS6CSGB Software Updates : Galaxy S9+  … (Show more)
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I used the mailing label provided by T-mobile and had USPS pick up the package. The tracking, however, shows only that the label was created and not yet in the system. When asked, USPS explained that… (Show more)
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Greetings   I got a text from t-mobile about the $65 for 2 lines promotional plan, and I had a friend currently with Verizon that was willing to switch carriers to get into the plan with me, so I… (Show more)
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