My Samsung Galaxy S8 has built-in T-Mobile DIGITS functionality, which I find quite superior to relying on the DIGITS App like I must with my Samsung Galaxy J7.  Is there a list of phones that have… (Show more)
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I am running the lat4est version of Digits as well as 11.25 on an iPhone 8.  I am having issues with choppy and dropped audio when using my Bluetooth AirPods.  I am in Data only mode in the Digits… (Show more)
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First, the Windows app forces me to login twice. Same issue everyone is having...   Second, I've imported my contacts from Google a few times now, and it seems like it's something you have to do… (Show more)
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I just moved to T-Mobile from another carrier and bought an LG Stylo 3 Plus phone from T-Mobile. I decided to run a test to make certain T-Mobile's messaging could receive MMS from my computer, using… (Show more)
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I have a Galaxy s6 and am having multiple issues.  1.  I can't text from the app 2.  The app turns off my digits line 3.  Voicemails come in weeks later. 4.  I can't call from the app 5.  Now I… (Show more)
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how can i get a account and new phone when i already have an account.         *edited to remove tag - Marissa
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This only happens on one of the two phones we use. Anyone know what it means?
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Need Help! I called 7 times and each time they say they will issue a credit for the cell spot that I returned, but it never happens. Now I get a notice that says they will send my account to… (Show more)
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What can I do? The phone number got disconnected from the network as there is no T mobile network in West Virginia. The phone is all paid off for and I took of the phone of my friend to call them and… (Show more)
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